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Fairly new parlor


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Has anyone been to a fairly new shop near the intersection of Westpark @Gessner? It’s not a traditional FS Spa, sometimes a man is at the front counter, which leads most to assume it’s totally legit. One of the girl’s is a bit thick, my first ever visit there I accepted an hour body massage with her, the friendly man and his wife summoned a girl and this thick girl came out to greet me, she smiled, said hi, when I made eye contact with her she subtly reacted, perhaps subconsciously, she wouldn’t look directly back in my eyes, I took this as a sign or a tell, once we were alone in the room I made it a point to make her as comfortable as possible before she began massaging me, she was quite receptive, friendly, twas a nice session overall. I’d really like to hear of someone else’s experience with this or another girl. Thanks.


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If you are talking about 88? I have been there a number of times and all I’ve gotten is a very good standard massage. But I haven’t been there in a couple months.


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Judy no longer here!! New front desk gal is rude!! When I asked who is working...... she asked if I want young or old- I stated young....... i was introduced to an older ........ an when I chuckled, she was adamant about stating its massage only more than once!!!! I bounced w/that attitude!! ( i never state anything more in public)... slim pickings!!