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Delilah raid?


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Julie has a different Chinese name on WeChat (not Heng Wan), although I haven't seen an activity from her in four days. Maybe it was one of her associates.

"Concerned citizen", WTF, I hate the fun police.


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We do not need smart-aleck heads on this site. I was just asking a question. I appreciate Wayne's response. TMI? So what! We see TMI on other sites such as RM.
Go back and re-read Wayne's comment in post #10. He had the good sense NOT to reply directly to your leading question regarding ownership and multi-state locations. The Feds can use the interstate aspect as justification to get involved. Why would Wayne, or for that matter any member on this board, want to knowingly or otherwise cause any provider additional legal problems as a result of ill advised questions and comments on a public forum? But you already know all this, don't you, member of barely 30 days?