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CP - process for seeing girls


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I'm sure this has been asked, sorry for that... but I hear CP is the place to go for Philly AMP high end... texted a girl other day and got a text from the "screener".... asked for a lot of identifying details like pictures, name, driver's license in a picture of you holding it up.... can my fellow mongers confirm that this is routine for a new person wanting to use CP ? Don't want to be snagged in a Ashley Madison data dump ! lol Also, I assume CP is higher than the typical $60 + tip scale - what's the range you've seen ?


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Those of us who patronize CP, know not to discuss their screening process in a public forum. A recent CP review discloses the amount of their donation. I will volunteer that it’s “prix fixe”, and any amount over and above that is at the client’s discretion.


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sorry, my bad; don't have private access; anybody willing to send me a private message to confirm process?
This site could be a good resource and part of the reason why it is good is it has the potential to continue to be discreet. Don’t jeopardize that by talking about private details in the open public forum. The rules are out there on how to gain private access. Please take a look at them.


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sorry, my bad; don't have private access; anybody willing to send me a private message to confirm process?
Whatever the screener instructed you to do is the process. This is an agency, not an AMP, that's how the business model works. Whether or not you choose to go through with it is up to you - life is full of choices.

I can confirm the place is legit and been around for years. If you do go through with it I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, eating your Wheaties, and seeing Gloria