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Messages: 3
I am CeeCee and no I have not gained a big ass and belly. I have had 1 boob job and no ass implants. So what if I talk alot?! I have a good heart and a good time and I can put girls half my age to shame. All your judgmental chatter about me and all the others! Apparently you're all on the side of what is known as a "loser" or you wouldn't be running around on your girlfriends and wives. And now I'm about to post this thread but I bet the gatekeeper behind this website, most likely, won't publish this. Hypocrisy and censorship usually is in the backdrop of all things said in these forums. Nontransparency is another great description. It may be a man's world out there but it ALL RESOLVES AROUND PUSSY!


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Messages: 281
Reviews: 18
Ive seen CeeCee a couple of times, a few years ago at this point. I've reviewed her and commented, too. Here a bit, mostly on the now defunct SH under another moniker. I was very attracted to her and had a good time. She was a solid, quality time. It was sad to hear negatives on her recently but I did assume they may be rumors and exaggerated. Hoped they were.
If this IS really CeeCee I'm glad you're out and about and fiesty as ever. Good for you. You always struck me as a kind person.


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I still would love to visit CeeCee sometime soon. You can not deny that body and I could care less how much she likes to chat: for whatever reason I find her overall look highly attractive. CeeCee I’m easy on the eyes btw! I’ve tried reaching out a few times and it is difficult to get through but one day hopefully I’ll meet the legend.


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Apparently you're all on the side of what is known as a "loser" or you wouldn't be running around on your girlfriends and wives.
Honestly though I’d spend my money on better. This part I hear all the time when these ladies get upset. STFU I mean this coming from a prostitute? I guess you’re a better person for sleeping with all of us. Where would u be without all our money!