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Can you guess your provider?


The above was a gift to me from an ATF. Guess who
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Bad news, good news: bad news - total score of 7/18; good news - got 5/8 of the ladies correct and only 2/10 of the gentlemen. I pay more attention Asian ladies than Asian guys. Go figure!

West 23rd

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I'm Asian and I got 4 lol
All our genes are mixed up so most of the guesses are a crapshoot
There are "distinct" features, but they're not 100% reliable either
I'm mixed (think of Kamala Harris with some Latino and Middle Eastern thrown in) and I have two daughters with a White woman. Older daughter looks like an Ashkenazi Jew; younger daughter is usually taken as Latina, Indian or Sicilian. My older daughter identifies as White; my younger daughter does not even though she is 70% European according to As you said, certain groups have "distinct features" but even here, there are so many variable in phenotype.