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Best bbbjtcim?


Review Contributor
Messages: 254
Reviews: 28
I second NG156 with peach. Gone now, but she was damned good at bbbjtcim. Snowflake gets honarable mention but NG181, Booney, was the queen of BJ’s in my humble opinion. She is gone too but said she was returning to an EB org. Don’t know which one but I hope to see her again.


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Messages: 44
Reviews: 8
When I was doing Doubles with Mia and Hayun, I was pounding away doggy with Mia. I pulled out as I was trying not to cum. A little cum started to trickle out and Hayun took me deep in her mouth and I nutted so hard I almost passed out. She proceeded to suck me dry. My knees were shaking... So yeah Hayun is not too shabby.


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Messages: 102
Reviews: 11
The best bbbjtcim I ever had is from Sophia at Oriental Elite.
She knew I liked another girl who used to work there.
I remember this because she got in my face like boxers do before the fight, and she whispered to my face:
"I know why you like Sarah, no condom, I do same, how much?"
Funny thing is that me and Sarah actually practiced safe sex, but I was surprisingly quick thinking that night and told Sophia that Sarah gave me BBBJ , CIM and also
Sophia took the bait for the BBBJ and the CIM but not the RIM


Call me rocket; truth > lies, bros > pros
Messages: 913
Lovelyn, Yuffie, Kira, Yuna and maybe VF/SA Zuri are top five imo

Swallow is ymmv, but I've had each one of these do it at some point. But sometimes they do sometimes they don't.

If you're a magnum I'd probably stick to Lovelyn and Yuna. Can park you dick in these two throats for half an hour and even more no problem. Will have a nice washer/dryer cycle there lmao