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Bella: Gardenia's Aromas Star Provider


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After sticking with one provider for almost a year i stumbled upon Bella by sheer luck. My regular girl, Leslie for some reason was not working on her regular Tuesday work day. So the lady at the window (a Latina MMS) told me that Bella was working in Leslie's place. After being a loyal customer have Leslie's for almost a year the first thing that came into my head was I don't really think anybody can I see take her place. She was a cute stacked Latina from Honduras with a big butt and nice implants. And even though she had been in this business for what I assume was a good while her Kitty was still pretty tight. Anyway I was already there and pretty horny so I went into the room to wait for Bella. When she wants in I was kind of surprised! She has a really nice face beautiful hair and most importantly really nice tits and really nice ass! I mean she had really curvy hips and and asked to go with it. Plus her legs were very athletic. Not overly muscular they just quit sick and they looked firm. And she was very friendly to! She walked in and said hello and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. As if I was a long lost friend. She mentioned that the lady said that I was a regular to Leslie so there was no don't ask what I wanted to do to her! Enough to seeing her I really did want to do a whole lot to her! Anyway I was already naked so I got on my stomach and let her do little bit massage. Honestly though after seeing her after bump a minute the sole of her massage I was ready to get down to business. I asked her how much she wanted and she said 1:40 which is actually about 20 bucks more than I usually give Leslie but so far I was cool with that. Sign went into my pants pocket and put the money on the table. She pulled up the river something just. Her tits were so big that the rubber stayed firmly set in there. My cock was already hard so she slipped on the river with her mouth and started sucking. She has some incredible skills when you talk about sucking a cock! And I could tell that she really liked it. She sucked on my cock and then started sucking one ball and then the other and then back to my cock and I almost came! I had to push your head away before I did! She climbed on top of me and I started sucking on her big tits. Yes they were implants but just like Leslie's they were very well done! Then she started writing me cowgirls song. Because she's so sexy though I wanted to take control. So I told her to get on her back so that I could take her MISH. Her pussy lips are thick and they made me want to eat her out. Unfortunately she didn't let me. Which I totally understand. And as much as I like to fuck Leslie before I honestly never had the urge to eat her pussy. But Bella's thick pussy lips are begging to be sucked and licked! I finally took her doggie style and blew my load after only about a minute os watching that glorious ass of her bounce back and forth as I humped her. after we finished I asked you when does she think she will be working there again since she was only substituting for Leslie that day. She said she did not know. So after a couple of weeks I would call to see if she was there but she never was. This went on for a couple months until finally I needed to have some sex so I just went with Leslie again. when I met Bella it was in February of 2019 and I thought I had lost her forever. then one day as I was scrolling through another site called I saw the name Bella at a place in Anaheim. there was several reviews of her one in April and two in August. And the physical description of her sounded like my belly! including the skills with her mouth. So that same day I called to see if she was working and they told her that she would be in tomorrow. So I made an appointment to go see her. To my surprise it was her! And she did remember me believe it or not! She told me that I was a guy who was Leslie's regular customer. And most importantly she told me that she had been here for three months and wasn't planning on going anywhere else because the business was good. And from the reviews she looks to be the #1 girl there now. And from my experience with her, it is well deserved. I'm including some pics of her that she let me take and some that are on the AMP page.