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Anyone every bring their own condoms


Registered Member
Messages: 79
Reviews: 5
Was just wondering if anyone ever brought their own condoms I know usually they use the cheapest thickets garbage condoms it would be nice to use a better one but idk if that would be cool with them, anyone have any experiences with this


Registered Member
Messages: 67
Reviews: 3
The only tricky part would be for the married guys. At least for me (married) don't need any additional possible evidence like the wrapper or anything. As for the girls, I don't think they would care at all. Perhaps even give it to them in advance or put it on the table.


Registered Member
Messages: 169
Reviews: 1
Yes definitely- even more so if like me you usually stick with RT only places. The FS establishments will always be prepared should you have concerns about carrying /hiding your own. I have said before you sometimes get the Unicorn, Fate smiles and don’t feel like being lazy.


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Messages: 126
Reviews: 9
I don’t, but it’s probably not a bad idea. I went to an AMP in PA where they did HJ by default if you didn’t say anything, but FS was on the menu if you asked (they wouldn’t ask you).
After putting a gift on the table, she asks if I brought a cover.
…Um, no. The host usually provides that.
…”Ok, try to remember for next time” as she proceeds to go if for CG
…I tell her sorry, I just can’t do that.
She gets annoyed “I’ll see if I have one” and finds on in another room.


Horny Husband
Messages: 637
Reviews: 3
I do it if I remember to stop by a gas station on the way, and if they have them I will buy one, otherwise, I'd use what the provider has. Don't want the wife to find a box of condoms in the car you know


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Messages: 286
Reviews: 16
She gets annoyed “I’ll see if I have one” and finds on in another room.

Why does the cynic in me think she went to the garbage picked used one out and went back to work?


Review Contributor
Messages: 715
Reviews: 61
AMP latex condoms inhibit my ability to finish so I bring my own non-latex condoms. They are more comfortable, not super tight like those latex once, and you feel much more.


Review Contributor
Messages: 365
Reviews: 12
I use Crown when I go for head service only and Trojan Extra Sensitive for FS. Crowns are the thinnest I have found and the sensation feels like bbj. I don't use them for FS because they are very thin and I learned quickly after popping a few. The Trojan Extra Sensitive are on point for FS when I put a tiny dab of lube inside of the tip. I never use the cheap ones that are provided.