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We will be posting this in the general discussions section, as well as in each geographical sections to make SURE that ALL members are aware of what is forbidden from discussions. We do NOT want to hear "oh, I didn't know that" for the 696969th time...most of these are just common sense, but we felt that it needed to be clarified so that there is ZERO chance of misunderstanding or excuses.

With that, please read CAREFULLY to not risk jeopardizing your membership. The following types of posts will result in a ban:
  1. Any BBFS talk. We don't care if you seek it, were offered it, or are inquiring about it, no exceptions.
  2. Any rumors of STDs, diseases, illnesses, etc. talk.
  3. Any racist, homophobic, misogynistic, religious, or political talk.
  4. Any talk that potentially violates ANYONE'S privacy or private photos, phone numbers, exact addresses/locations of screening/UTR places (including screening processes), hotel names, private passwords, etc. To further clarify, if anyone can't find the info on a public Internet search, that's PRIVATE. If any provider or agency or spa asks for NO reviews, we will honor that request.
  5. Any public mentions or even quoting of anything listed in private details. THE ONLY TWO places this is allowed is in the "private details" section of an original review, or the private access section. Our content is what makes this site, and it is SACRED material.
  6. Any reviews or mentions of banned establishments.
  7. Any trolling behavior including, but not limited to, personal attacks/bullying, criticism of someone's personal preferences, budget, etc.

Additionally, there's a number of other topics that we want to cover, including:
  1. If your review is older than 30 days from the session, they will be rejected.
  2. If you tried to review the same provider within 90 days since the last time you reviewed them, they will be rejected.
  3. If your review is missing a date, valid contact details, and/or spa, agency, or provider name, they will be rejected. We have been pretty lenient about some of the known, popular spots, but don't make it a habit...make it easier for your fellow reviewers, not more difficult.
  4. If you tried to review a street walker, they will be rejected.
  5. If you walked out of a place for whatever reason and DID NOT ACTUALLY HAVE A SESSION, it is not a review and they will be rejected. Not saying that it's not helpful intel because it is, but we can't make it a pattern and approve every instance where someone walks.
  6. You do not have to agree with any given review, but if you want to rebut it or criticize it, do it in YOUR OWN REVIEW, and not trash someone else's review.
  7. Do NOT ask someone to send you a PM in public posts. Our system of PM allows anyone to PM whomever they NOT bump threads with a useless "can I get a PM?"...just PM directly. That said, do NOT harass any member who does not respond to your PM.
  8. Do NOT needlessly bump old threads (especially reviews) with irrelevant posts/comments.
  9. The mods do NOT have access to payment information for paid access, creating new sections, editing handles, and all PM exchanges (unless you report any given PM).

It is the responsibility of all members to adhere to all the rules, and to report any offending behavior. Treat your fellow members, and the hardworking providers, with respect and dignity, and that will be reciprocated. Be helpful, take the time to do a lot of reading and researching, and you'll be rewarded with a gold mine of valuable intel and info. Maintaining a membership here with full posting ability is not a right, rather a not jeopardize that privilege with a lapse in judgement and common sense and courtesy.

The staff here @rAMPage @Myhobby and myself, all take a good amount of time and thought to respond to your inquiries (and trust us, we get a TON of them every single hour of every single day). We are all happy to help, but do not waste our time or space in our inbox with stupid questions (especially ones that have been covered ad nauseum), and do not make us repeat ourselves...we really dislike that, lol.

The perfect day for us is when we're approving every single review that gets posted, and without having to delete any comments, or suspending/banning anyone...make our lives easier...please, and thank you. Good day.
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