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    Review: Might go back but prob won't go back...

    This is the best jawn I ever read in this jawn. :LOL: The "ard" at the end was just *chef's kiss*
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    Review: Isabelle

    Good God, she's fine as fuck.
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    Review: Violet Lily

    I'm VERY intrigued by what I've read about her. Might have to treat myself one day.
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    Chung Dam Spa

    I haven't had a body scrub, but from reviews I read in other places those are done in the nude only pool/sauna area and I think by same gender... the massage area is "common" (which is why you have to put the shorts/shirt on to go back there) and my massage was done by a woman.
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    Chung Dam Spa

    I think they're strictly therapeutic. You must be naked in the bathhouse part of the spa (separate male/female facilities), but when you go for a the massage you have to put on the shorts they give you when you come in and wear them throughout the massage. I like the place tho, you can relax in...
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    Review: Review: Juan's Reflexology - CiCi

    Title: Review: Review: Juan's Reflexology - CiCi Date: Jul 9, 2021 Phone: (267) 584-9006 City: Abington State: PA Location: Old York Road & near Moreland Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: cute face, slim, medium tits Private Details: Male working the front...