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    Help with the spa initials

    Maybe that is why they all got shut down. Then again if you spend a few hours on this site you can pretty much figure out who is who, and what is what. I don’t know what we are hiding, I’m sure LE can teach us a thing or two about all the secret codes ;-)
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    marrying amp woman

    It will cost a lot more being married to one of them, then just visiting them even once a week. These girls spend money, lots of it!
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    marrying amp woman

    It’s not a good idea. Will she leave the business? If not, are you ok with her sleeping with hundreds of men while you are married? Will she still be with you after she gets her green card? Is she living with you now, or sleeps in the store at night?
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    Couples Massages

    I would not call them providers, but I know a legit place in Flushing (Northern Blvd & 149th) that does good couples massages. It’s a place the providers go for an actual massage.
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    Girls want to have fun too

    I was in the store when a woman came in for a massage, they told her they are busy today.. I was the only one there sitting on the couch talking with them. They had no customers. Then they told me females only tip about $10. These girls usually only work off tips, although some store will pay...
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    Girls want to have fun too

    Females only leave about $10 tips, which is why many massage girls will just tell them they are busy, or closing soon.
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    Glossary for acronyms?

    Thank you, now we both learned something!
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    Glossary for acronyms?

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe it’s sexual teasing. Usually at the end of the actual massage.
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    Dating a provider?

    Yup, I’ve been the with her also. Even ate in that fancy Italian restaurant! She was very familiar with the shopping area.
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    Dating a provider?

    I would say we both dated the same person, but I think most of these girls are like this. She took me shopping for myself, at Hugo Boss, half a grand on three items. Also, besides the top brands, she always wore brand new clothing. No need for laundry.
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    Threatening text message

    People that use sites such as BeenVarified, can get cell phones, emails and lots of personal information. Not to say someone isn’t out to do harm, but info is easy, and cheap to get. The police are the only people that can really track the location of the person that sent you the text...
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    Dating a provider?

    You are 100% on target Stinger. I came to this website from outside the mongering life. I met a girl through a friend that introduced herself to me as a skincare massage therapist. I didn’t know what that was. We dated for many months, I didn’t know where she worked exactly, but she did...
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    Running into other patrons

    I was waiting in a room when the provider was kissing the last customer good bye, then she comes in the room and kisses me. While my brain is still turned off thinking where her lips were 10 seconds ago, it didn’t dawn on me where her lips were (or what was in her mouth) 10 minutes before that!
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    Bedpage bites the dust???

    Gone, completely, not even massage.
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    Just wondering, what things have you overheard other mongers say while you receive your service?

    I agree, but if you do it get a prenuptial agreement! By the way, for those thinking about it, these girls are not into sex in their personal life. You maybe lucky if you even sleep in the same bed after marriage.