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    Review: Thick ebony Annie

    I've been thinking of visiting Annie or Selina. Need a nice thick girl. Wouldn't mind trying Ashley, but after reading about Annie, she might be the first of the 3 I would like to try. Hard to find good ones around sunset now. I remember everyone used to post up by the hotel on 39th and red...
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    Review: Colombian Carmen

    might have to pay her a visit!
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    Review: H & C Chinese Bodywork Inc. again Yu-Yu

    Nina was good with the massage. legit massage place with a HE
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    Review: Trixxie bensonhurst

    Really appreciate everyone's two cents and honesty with their experience. I keep seeing their ads pop up.
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    Review: Nina round 2

    oh wow. I remember wanting to see her a few years ago and recently seeing her ads show up again. I was thinking of giving her a try since she was close by. Thanks for the heads up peeps!
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    Review: Alexandria - The 3rd Visit

    was hoping it was the gilf with the silver hair lol
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    Review: Alexandria - The 3rd Visit

    is that her new number? hm maybe i should stop by. Let me know how she is and if shes in the same location. Would love to see her. Its been years!
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    Review: Alexandria - The 3rd Visit

    vivien as in vivi on bayparkway with the white hair?
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    What porn stars would you pay 1000 for two hours with everything included and 3 pops?

    Thanks. I was always wondering price and trying to see if I can read reviews on her.
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    What porn stars would you pay 1000 for two hours with everything included and 3 pops?

    Theres a couple of PS that I see recently visiting NYC on Eros. I want to would love to see Kate frost, but i feel timing is not the best with everything going on. I also saw Violet Vasquez and Dakota Skye visiting from time to time in NYC. I think when things get better, I am going to def see...
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    Review: Zorina

    I remember Nelly too. She was one of my first back in 2014. Massage was decent as well lol. She gave a mean bbj
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    Review: Gilf roxy

    80s and i believe around 20th ave
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    Review: Amys Staten Island

    same. I know they are picky of new clients. I have been waiting to try them out.
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    where can I find mexican providers?

    there was one in the 40s and 2nd ave but mostly columbian girls with MM body. Prefer the natural cute milfy lol
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    where can I find mexican providers?

    Can you PM me too? Would love to try something new. Kind of tired of the usual AMP and Hung prov. Thanks!
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    Review: Chinese independent - Bensonhurst - street canner grannie

    oh man that sounds like one hell of a scary exp lol I will never look at a street canner the same again lol
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    Review: Marvelous Spa (Staten Island)-Yuki

    Let me know. I was thinking of visiting too. Would love to have the same exp of ecstasy blur for an hour. lol
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    Review: Sunset

    is it the one across from the temple? its kind of mid floor?
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    Review: Sunset

    Would you happen to know the name of this place or phone number?
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    Review: Alexandra + Friend

    any link for her contact?