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    Review: Bergen healing

    Title: Review: Bergen healing Date: Oct 7, 2020 Phone: Google it City: Ridgefield State: New jersey Location: Office building Age Estimate: 50’s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Small Private Details: Decided today I needed a visit with Tina. Maybe only my 5th time . Love her...
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    Review: Bergen Healing Arts- Tina

    Dude why so cheap a Tip to Tina. She is one of the best and deserves a better tip than that. I have been to see her and know the quality experience she gives.
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    Review: Tina @ T&S

    Title: Review: Tina @ T&S Date: Aug 21, 2020 Phone: Google it City: Oakland State: Nj Location: Mid level Age Estimate: 55 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Perfect Private Details: So I made my 12th trip to see Tina. I know she’s older but younger then me . She’s stopped...
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    VIP Newark

    Are they open currently
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    Review: T&S Oakland

    Title: Review: T&S Oakland Date: Jun 24, 2020 Phone: Google it. City: Oakland State: NJ Location: Medical building Age Estimate: 40’s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Slim attractive, B cup Private Details: Stopped by after work, hoping to get Tina but Ava was worth the trip...
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    Review: Aqua Spa - Michelle

    Did they allow you to take and see Michelle’s temperature. Only seems fair.
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    Review: Indy Columbian girls

    Great review, keep them coming.
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    Diana in Paterson

    I was wondering if anyone has seen her.
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    Review: Ironbound Above Car Repair Shop

    Nice to the point review. Thanks
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    Review: T&S Spa Oakland

    Title: Review: T&S Spa Oakland Date: Mar 9, 2020 Phone: Google It City: Oakland State: New Jersey Location: Middle level Age Estimate: 44 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Big breast Korean butt Private Details: Went early am saw Ava. Beautiful face and breast. Pay HF she leave...
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    Corona Virus & Spas

    If no Virus in Queens are recorded at a Hospital, I would not worry. Really just affects people with low immune system. Plus with flights from China being basically canceled new girls are not coming in.
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    Review: T&S spa middle level

    Tina I sure is At least 50. But 15 years younger than me.
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    Review: T&S spa middle level

    Tina usually has her an one other girl. I did not see her.
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    Review: T&S spa middle level

    Title: Review: T&S spa middle level Date: Feb 19, 2020 Phone: 201-470-3683 City: Oakland State: NJ Location: Post Road Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Tight body smoker raspy voice Private Details: Let’s start by saying Seevice from Tina is always over the...
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    Nicky in Paterson

    I was asking
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    Nicky in Paterson

    Did Nicky leave NJ.
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    Review: Healing Hands Hackensack

    Title: Review: Healing Hands Hackensack Date: Nov 13, 2019 Phone: tel:347-956-0568 City: Hackensack State: New Jersey Location: Main Street Age Estimate: 40’s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute pair of B’s average overall. Private Details: Called first and was able to find...
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    Review: Bergen Healing Hands

    Title: Review: Bergen Healing Hands Date: Oct 21, 2019 Phone: tel:(201)943-3551 City: Ridgefield State: NJ Age Estimate: 50’s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short thin Private Details: Called ahead and asked For Tina. Based on other reviews I feel I did get her. Stared with...
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    Review: Aloha Spa

    Try parking by the chain drug store across the tracks. Just a Short walk.