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  1. thekingofafk

    Review: The Infamous Lucy (on Roosevelt Ave.)

    Title: Review: The Infamous Lucy (on Roosevelt Ave.) Date: Jul 9, 2020 Phone: n/a City: Queens State: NY Location: Roosevelt Ave across from Macy's Age Estimate: 50+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: a mix of not too bad with "you overate during the lockdown" kind of physique...
  2. thekingofafk

    Review: Sabrina

    thanks for sharing, someone else posted a review earlier about this battleaxe so your perspective is appreciated
  3. thekingofafk

    Review: Chloe

    and that gents is how you write a review
  4. thekingofafk

    Queens Hungarians

    I always wanted old ass Marina from the Bellerose Hungarian crew but that chick on the OP's ad would easily fit the bill
  5. thekingofafk

    Review: Cindy at National St Location

    I agree, I went the other day after she sent me a text mainly for the stretching
  6. thekingofafk

    Review: Milfy white bbw

    that photo with her getting it from the back with the snickers bar had me cracking up hard pass but to each his own
  7. thekingofafk

    Review: Lisa - 24Hr Spa

    It was discussed a few years ago on a porn star radio show I used to listen to, it's been used on sets for years, I was in shock when it was described on the show it was a patch of tiny needles nothing like a syringe
  8. thekingofafk

    Review: Lisa - 24Hr Spa

    thanks for the Touka Rinne reference, many times folks will post a review and the description sounds appealing then you arrive at the spot and go "wtf were they smoking?" when you see the chick, being able to google a name and get a visual idea helps
  9. thekingofafk

    Adult Friend Finder

    it's total trash
  10. thekingofafk

    Review: Queens college fast house

    man I gotta be honest this is the most hilarious review this week, damn I needed this laugh
  11. thekingofafk

    Pornstar Escorts

    I had no idea Elke escorted, that face is tough but that ass...........................damn at that ass props on Vanessa Videl, she looks like a freak
  12. thekingofafk

    Shorter providers

    thanks for sharing this, what is AL?
  13. thekingofafk

    Pre-Paid Cell Phones

    instead of going through this hassle get a google voice # add the google voice app to your device AFTER you create an account on your pc I say that because on various phones if you install gvoice before making the acct. it will use your existing # for the acct. you want a NEW NUMBER then make as...
  14. thekingofafk

    Shorter providers

    Did a search to see if anyone posted something similar prior to this thread, found nothing Can I get recommendations of providers in the area that are 5'1" or shorter? thanks in advance
  15. thekingofafk

    Looking for quality message with great finish

    Cindy of ABC (Now in Corona atm)
  16. thekingofafk

    Older FS providers

    I like older women so I'm enjoying this thread for the laughs and the advice if you are interested in an older broad add 20 years to some of those Brooklyn Hungarians because no way are they in their 40's or 50's there's also some mature porn stars that frequent NY throughout the year, they do...
  17. thekingofafk

    Contact Tracing

    that's impressive If you can access it I would suggest people take the course at their own leisure, it's very informative even if you don't want to become a contact tracer.
  18. thekingofafk

    Contact Tracing

    yeah this should be in the political rant thread at this point
  19. thekingofafk

    So which of the russian milfs is best?

    there was a milf that used to post all the time on BP about how her body made the 20 y/o's look like trash she was a great time, did some digging to see if she was still around but no one picked up the #