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    Review: TW - Anna

    Title: Review: TW - Anna Date: Jan 28, 2020 Phone: 732 369 6010 City: bwater State: nj Age Estimate: under 30 Physical Description: decent bod. nice real titties Private Details: stopped by yesterday and drew anna... person answering phone said i could pick, but she was pleasant looking...
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    Review: Cici @ TW

    Title: Review: Cici @ TW Date: Jan 17, 2020 Phone: 732 369 6010 City: bwater State: nj Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: 5'5" decent bod Private Details: Haven't been to TW in a while. don't know why, it's almost always good. went early. quick shower (solo). Ok massage for about...
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    Review: Sandy in Denville

    Title: Review: Sandy in Denville Date: Nov 25, 2019 Phone: 8623062460 State: NJ Location: Office building Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: great body Private Details: Really good message with non scented oil/cream. Very limited menu, but I wasn't disappointed...
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    Review: New Star Spa - Edison Coco

    Title: Review: New Star Spa - Edison Coco Date: Sep 26, 2019 Phone: 732 543 2202 City: Edison State: nj Age Estimate: 35-40 Physical Description: flabby Private Details: Saw some good reviews from this place. Went in... pretty nice set up. Went thru the front b/c couldn't figure out...
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    Review: TW- Mimi

    Title: Review: TW- Mimi Date: Sep 5, 2019 Phone: 732-369-6010 City: Bridgewater State: nj Location: Central NJ Nationality: Korean Physical Description: petite Private Details: hadnt been to TW in a long while... Was gonna do the latin place next to it, but that's always hit or miss for...
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    Somerset busts

    Have there been any busts at hotels in somerset? I hadn't seen any posts.
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    Review: Pines SPA 27

    Title: Review: Pines SPA 27 Date: May 8, 2019 Phone: (732) 248-5288 City: Edison State: NJ Location: Edison Age Estimate: various Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Nicely equipped spa... attendants mostly young. Great legit massage. No real extras. Private Details: Figured I'd...
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    Review: 1219 Autobody

    I had a big "miss" at autobody last week. Called and they had like 6 girls. show up and there's just the one that collected the fee (told me that after I paid). Jeni ithink her name is. anyway, 50 and must to only 1/2 hour becasse I'm new. mgt rules. ok fine. back to room. that's where...
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    Review: Review: Kiki from Body Care Therapy

    Yellow one best imho.
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    Review: Dover Accupuncture Jeni

    Title: Review: Dover Accupuncture Jeni Date: Jan 29, 2019 Phone: 973 328 4999 City: Dover State: NJ Address: Route 46 Activities: table shower and massage and... Age Estimate: 25 Physical Description: short, slim, small boobs Summary: good Table shower and then pretty good massage...
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    Review: JVS - Monique

    Title: Review: JVS - Monique Date: Jan 1, 2019 Phone: City: Somerset State: New Jersey Activities: Massage + Age Estimate: 28 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Skinny; great backside Summary: Good massage with Monique, beautiful girl. JVS has lot of talent so always difficult...
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    Review: Apple Spa -

    oops Lilly was her name
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    Review: Apple Spa -

    Title: Review: Apple Spa - Date: Jan 4, 2019 Phone: 908 405-4642 City: dunellen State: nj Address: 108 north ave Activities: massage ++ Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: average... not fat, but not skinny Summary: medium pressure massage followed by soft touch, followed by...
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    Review: mimi @ Spa One

    Title: Review: mimi @ Spa One Date: Nov 30, 2018 Phone: City: Hampton State: NJ Activities: TS... Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: decent milf Summary: Good Massage with some extras... Private Details: Mimi gives a good TS - attention everywhere... then a...
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    Any GILF's in Central NJ

    I've seen Leia... She must be 70... fantastic skills and does everything. And cheap. Another one used to post up in Dover. Don't know the Dover name.
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    Review: Bella - TW/206

    Title: Review: Bella - TW/206 Date: Nov 5, 2018 Phone: City: Bridgewater State: NJ Activities: plenty Age Estimate: 30+ Nationality: Korean Physical Description: petite Summary: nice time.... would repeat Private Details: Took and quick shower and I think it was appreciated... a bit...
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    Spa One anyone?

    is this place still open? I thought it closed. I had a good massage there about a year or so ago.
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    Best rimming past or present?

    Coco at KW does a nice job. ThatJuliana (not an amp) is over the top insane. I've hit or miss (mostly miss) at Bridewater Holistic.
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    Review: K&W Coco

    Title: Review: K&W Coco Date: Oct 25, 2018 Phone: City: Kenilworth State: New Jersey Age Estimate: 28 Physical Description: thin, but not super skinny. small tits, nice nips. Summary: I have seen Coco a few times over the last couple years. She's very energetic and will do most...
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    Review: Lulu - Therapy Holistic Bwater

    Title: Review: Lulu - Therapy Holistic Bwater Date: Aug 2, 2018 Phone: State: NJ Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Young and thin, small breasts Summary: Lulu provided a decent massage with some oil, then on to the flip Private Details: BBBJ, rimming and CIM...