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    Review: Hinata what a tall suprise!!!! Wsd/PP where did she go??!!

    wait VERA working MMS at wed/PP? same vera as NYAF? I'm confused?
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    anyone know where Yoyo ( ph/yesyesclub) is hiding?

    I know she's been known to work out in NJ , but anyone have any word on her whereabouts?
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    Review: Barbie - The Vera replacement

    kitty? who? where?
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    Fellow Mongers are PAYING to Fuck Average Ladies

    preach the word my friend!!!!
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    Lucy from AL

    confirmed, she's still the same great LUCY service like before , body might be 5 lbs thicker but I doubt the average monger would notice ,but I'm a snob when it comes to spinners and tone. she's been reviewed many times , so NO I doubt I could write a review that hasn't already been said. she's...
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    Review: CCP - Wally

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    CT Casinos?

    wisdom speaks, thanks man
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    CT Casinos?

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    Review: Lucy

    someone has to know where AL lucy is??? PM me please , or share.
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    Review: Maya - Asian Star

    big guy coming in strong !!!
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    Small tits?

    helen @ bubbs
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    Review: NY Health Spa - Connie

    anybody here have experience with " extras" with connie? PM me if so ,
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    Review: Asian Star - Ayame (a true star is born... holy fuck prettiest girl I've seen all year)

    threw MAYA under the bus on this one, damn bro, you "ruv" her.
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    Review: NY Health Spa

    @Maxwell123 can you PM me , I have a few ? about her if you don't mind.
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    Review: The OG spinner YOYO returns to the Island

    Title: Review: The OG spinner YOYO returns to the Island Date: May 21, 2022 Phone: 3477618805 City: manhattan State: NY Location: 57 Age Estimate: 29 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: spinner classic Private Details: Well, YOYO of PH/GGR ( NJ also) has returned to...
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    Review: spinner Yoyo @ yes yes club

    2nd floor location
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    Girls exactly like/very similar to Vera

    loud and clear . VERA is the pure definition on a proper SPINNER!
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    Girls exactly like/very similar to Vera

    you would think right? Not at the moment , no one that is in the same range as Vera- PHyoyo....Chanel (ex/cherry nyaw) is close but new boobs take her out of the tiny spinner frame game. someone will emerge to grace up with their tiny presence ( and feet) .