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    Bachelor party

    Hi fellas, I need to plan a bachelors party. We have already done Medellin Colombia but would like a similar situation as that. Any suggestions?
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    One more reason to stay away from Secaucus

    Damn I was legit gonna go today
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    Anyone ever tried Cielo? She advertises in Parsippany a lot.
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    MILF Bar

    Pancho villa in Dover gets pretty lit
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    MILF Bar

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    What about like a bar to flirt and meet women?
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    Hi, Gonna be in Bloomfield for a few hours on Saturday evening. Any recommendations??
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    thinking of trying this one out
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    Care Giver/Home Health Aide/Baby sitters/Nanny's..ETC

    I was teaching adults and this one older 40 year old latina student got extremely friendly quick. We ended up texting each and she would send nudes and videos of herself. She has one of the best asses Ive ever felt. We never did the deed but she did suck my dick in a Macys parking lot.
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    Professional Cuddler (Hackensack, NJ)

    Me too please!
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    Review: Nikol - Meadowlands Latina

    How accurate are the pics?
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    Any info?

    Looks really good
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    when a provider sends a pic from a different number

    I find it funny when I ask for a pic and they end up sending it from a different number, I always never text back cause to me it indicates its fake. Any thoughts
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    any detail on this latina?
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    Any info on this one?

    Ive seen her post a few times before .
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    North Jersey strip clubs

    What time did you go? I use to go to club 15 all the time lol
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    North Jersey strip clubs

    Where’s club16? Do you mean club 15?
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    These Ads?

    Once I had a really good experience with one of them, she was amazing and beautiful. I tried a few times after but she didnt come back
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    Anyone try this one?

    I've seen the post several times but have always wondered
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    Any intel