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    Review: Anna - 89 Street Chronicles (Recon Edition)

    Title: Review: Anna - 89 Street Chronicles (Recon Edition) Date: Jul 19, 2024 Phone: NA City: Queens, JH State: NY Location: 89 and Roosevelt House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 100 for 20 mins Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 28 Physical Description: 4'11, lovehandles, okay ass, okay...
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    Review: Riko-Rising Sun

    Curious, how come the name change three times?
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    Review: DDY - Ruri OMG

    Or the Latinas or white girls to accept that price point. I have the funds, like funds isn't the issue. It's the principle of it all. It's interesting that they set themselves up at a higher bracket but tend to perform worst than cgirls. I'm spanish but I'll always choose Chinese when visiting...
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    Review: DDY - Ruri OMG

    I like BGS in Flushing a lot. Abby, Miko, and Kayla are pretty S tier and they have a 200 for 45 min plan and they are good. I think I have a review up here for Miko and oh man she was amazing. Yeah, ccp, but even before that when they were gfeallstsrs. I think that's where it used to be. I...
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    Review: MissKyoto - Mini

    She looks real hot in her pics.
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    Review: DDY - Ruri OMG

    Tbh, I used to go a lot more even before they were DDY, the spa wants to make more but the quality of the girls have dropped. I started going to other locations that have good looking girls and the cost is less. Granted I don't work in Manhattan anymore but yeah.
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    Review: Spicy Ada

    She's probably the best rim on the scene right now. Anyone else you guys feel that can beat her?
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    Review: Sabrina - DONY

    Still not sure why this is worth going to.
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    Review: New York Asian Fitness - NYAF - Lucy

    For any of you that has landed on the greek islands with her, pm some details. I didn't know she partook in such activities lol.
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    Review: Arlene - New Rainbow

    This thread had me laughing.
  11. K

    Review: Yoyo - sunflower

    Is she ever coming back again? She disappeared then comes back for a few days then disappears again?
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    Review: Review: BGS - Miko the petite princess

    Title: Review: Review: BGS - Miko the petite princess Date: May 31, 2024 Phone: (929) 626-9366 City: Flushing State: NY Location: 162 st House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $280/hr + 20 tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 23 Physical Description: 5'0, Spinner, pretty face, perfect butt...
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    BGS Question

    Damn I still want to see a Tina review. I would check her out on my own but flushing is a long way out for me.
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    Review: Ada @ PP - Very Good, but not 500 Good

    There's no such thing as "500 good"
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    Review: Nicole - NYAF

    This looks interesting. Did she?
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    Review: Austin Beauty Spa - Hermes

    Which hermes is this?
  17. K

    Best Rimjob providers?

    Is Lisa from BGS and New Rainbow the same Lisa?
  18. K

    Yo wheres yoyo?

    I wonder if she found someone? You don't feel daring enough to ask if she's ever coming back?
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    Yo wheres yoyo?

    Wait so we really have no idea when or where yoyo ph is coming back?
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    Review: NYAF - Ada

    This couldn't be Ada she's on vacation or something.