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    Review: Tianjin massage

    Nothing really worth visiting in Bayonne unfortunately. I think the only place with decent reviews is Apple Spa. But don't know the extent of their services.
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    Review: BSC - Kelly

    Yea I mean I went to see Kelly based on the overwhelming positive reviews on her, but it might be multiple reasons why we didnt click. Either way didnt really bother me, since you're not going to be n'sync with every girl you meet, but like I said overall a quality experience.
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    Review: BSC - Kelly

    True, I wasn't expecting anything else tbh, but I was kind of caught off guard with the lack of chemistry, not something I deal too much, but hey you live and you learn. I wouldn't call my experience bad, just a little weird, but positive overall.
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    Review: BSC - Kelly

    Title: Review: BSC - Kelly Date: May 14, 2021 Phone: Look it up City: Belleville State: NJ Location: Home sweet home Age Estimate: 28-30 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Brunette, about 5'8", pretty face (8/10), very nice fit figure, large C's, firm round ass Private Details...
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    Review: BSC - Vanessa

    Thanks for the feedback, I know Mel is tall and from the reviews seems like a bombshell, what about julie? You can pm details.
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    I live there, can confirm nothing special here unfortunately.
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    Review: GW Center - Maya

    Hilarious ending, love it!
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    Review: BSC - Vanessa

    I haven't tried anyone but Kelly here. The place is great and discreet, makes you feel comfortable and Angie makes you at ease. The experience itself wasn't great for me personally (I just couldn't keep junior awake for long, maybe after a long day at work and not much sleep the day before??)...