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  1. BloodClots

    Review: Spa 21 - Jessica

    I swore off this place. Never again
  2. BloodClots

    Review: Smile Spa Sherry

    Sorry you had a bad time, but thanks for the intel
  3. BloodClots


    Yup. Fred is full of skanky white trash drug addicted tatted girls . Might as well skip that for sure. Kuma Charmers in southern NY is the same. There are Indy’s in Elmira area on STG
  4. BloodClots


    Could have a few trailers. One for girls and one for ammo sales
  5. BloodClots


    Idea for business: During deer season get a mobile massage parlor/ whorehouse and cater to the men hunting!
  6. BloodClots


    Go to Corning and seek fun/women at local breweries
  7. BloodClots


    Dead zone
  8. BloodClots

    Review: Oriental Elite - Sarah

    Next time I may hit up mamasan
  9. BloodClots

    Review: Oriental Elite Sarah-doppelgänger for Michelle Yeoh!

    Cue the quote about death by Hunter S. Thompson
  10. BloodClots

    Review: Bins Montoursville

    I’m curious how to get extras in THIS PLACE!
  11. BloodClots

    Review: Oriental Elite - Sarah

    ….” To a point”, lol
  12. BloodClots

    Review: Oriental Elite-Judy

    Go big or go home!
  13. BloodClots

    Review: Oriental Elite Sarah-doppelgänger for Michelle Yeoh!

    Title: Review: Oriental Elite Sarah-doppelgänger for Michelle Yeoh! Date: Oct 1, 2022 Phone: 570-453-7735 City: WilkesBarre State: Pa Location: Strip msll Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Nice party, B rack. Face is spitting image of Michelle Yeoh. Private...
  14. BloodClots

    Review: Queen Spa - Jackie

    Curtains or doors on the massage room???
  15. BloodClots

    Review: Oriental Elite - Sarah

    Maybe I should bring my hip waders??
  16. BloodClots


    It’s a trap
  17. BloodClots

    Review: Smile Spa-Tina

    About her body… thin? I remember her as chubby.
  18. BloodClots

    Review: Sunstar Lisa-Turn on the Red Light

    Sunstar is In Pittston
  19. BloodClots

    Review: Sasy sandy

    I feel like I’m there in the room with you! Fantastic review!