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  1. L

    Sammie in NJ

    Went back for a 3rd time , she was really open on 4s, let me thumb it too
  2. L

    Review: BSC - Vanessa

    Vanessa, yes, very good , fat wobbly ass, hit the tonsils like a speedbagt oo
  3. L

    Sammie in NJ

    She let me hit the tonsils like a speedbag
  4. L

    Review: Ruby - New Happy Spa (the work horse)

    I was hitting the tonsils like a speed bag bbj and this guy always posts about dfk lol my god
  5. L

    Review: 785 Ping

    She let me plug the dumper from any leaks after I was done if you know what I mean
  6. L

    Review: Ruby - New Happy Spa (the work horse)

    She was sore, I'm dead:)
  7. L

    Review: 785 Ping

    Hey!!I was getting there!!!
  8. L

    Review: Ruby - New Happy Spa (the work horse)

    It's true I was watching through the hidden cam i planted while she was changing to help me choose which girl I want for the future to access these cams you have to be a lifelong member and pay an admin fee to me , I have to change the batteries once a month if you know what I mean
  9. L

    Review: 785 Ping

    Her name.was ping?
  10. L

    Review: Cindy Roselle

    Did you refill her shampoo at her place?
  11. L

    Review: 785 Spa -NaNa is back

    She was sore
  12. L

    Review: Sonia/Sonya - Tokyo Spa!

    I gave Sonia an extra benjermin and she made sure Benny was well washed if you know what I mean
  13. L

    Review: Pine Therapy - Jenny's back!

    Nice and snug and can take the whole cumber and was cool with my custom made scarfs
  14. L

    Anyone know of a good place in West Caldwel?

    What's good in bloomfield
  15. L

    Sophia birchwood holistic

    There were 2 locations, one in the beginning of Elizabeth on Morris Ave and Springfield, the one on Morris Ave had subpar talent
  16. L

    Where do you park for 785 spa?

  17. L

    Where do you park for 785 spa?

    I park there overnight if you know what I mean
  18. L

    Review: Review - Daisy Spa - Butler, NJ

    Did she blow the whistle
  19. L

    Favorite Passaic spots?

    What do you mean by big surprise lol
  20. L

    Review: Latin - Fast House

    Whats the room number?hey ya it's officer povlavski I need to see the room, there was a complaint of an escorting service being ran in this jotel