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    Review: Tiger Lily - Tina (Camp Hill)

    I struggle with my memory. I’ve been there twice maybe like a year ago and saw 2 different people. I can’t remember their names to save my life. I’ll get back one of these days.
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    Review: Tiger Lily - Tina (Camp Hill)

    Glad you were able to get in there. I’ve been trying to get back for awhile, but every time I call, no answer. Or every time I show up, there are other cars. My one stipulation with Tina (I believe that’s who it was), was that the drape felt like a tablecloth material. Did you experience the same?
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    Review: Mary Spa - Eva

    Title: Review: Mary Spa - Eva Date: Feb 2, 2023 Phone: 717-737-3826 City: Camp Hill State: PA Location: Gettysburg Road Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: Very cute and petite Private Details: I’ve seen Eva numerous times, but a few weeks ago when I saw her, it was better than...
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    I haven’t seen her yet, but have been seeing her ads. I have yet to get in contact yet her. She seems legit, but I just don’t know yet. If you TOFTT, report back and let us know!
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    Review: Ocean Day Spa

    Title: Review: Ocean Day Spa Date: Jan 14, 2023 Phone: (717) 307-5732 City: Lemoyne State: PA Location: Near Little Caesar’s Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Regular build Private Details: I went here last weekend as a default since the 3 places I was trying were all busy. I don’t...
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    Review: STG Indy: Jen Harrisburg

    Thank you. I’ll look into her
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    Review: STG Indy: Jen Harrisburg

    Does she post anywhere?
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    Ocean Day Spa in Lemoyne - Update

    I’ve heard great things about ODS. I only saw Yoko once since both my main places didn’t work out the one day. Hopefully this new person is up to par.
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    Review: Ella Rose New Cumberland

    I’ve only been to Ella Rose once (before they moved), and it was a $hitty experience. I believe their current location is where a friend of mine used to live, so going there would be a little weird for me. Thanks for the review.
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    Camp Hill

    Mary’s spa is my go to place. She’s helped me many times with my sciatic pain and the feet pain that I’ve had.
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    Camp Hill

    Well that’s sad news. Camp Hill area is my stomping grounds.
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    Review: Vogue Ftl

    I’m visiting next month. Would love more details on address of phone number
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    Independent Lady in New Oxford,Pa

    I’ve been seeing her ads everywhere for the past like 8 years. I’ve messaged a few times but never pulled the trigger. I’m just not into bigger women. Plus, her husband is sometimes in the house at the same time. Just seems super weird to me.
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    Review: New Cindy Spa - Amy

    She probably tried singing some Billy Joel, but wasn’t too great at it.
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    I guess you’ve never seen me on spahunters. I reviewed all the time, all around the whole south central PA area. I was disabled for a few years and couldn’t move, so I just started getting back into the swing of things. Your name is another name I’ve never seen, so you, sir can also f**k off.
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    I’ve never seen your name. Obviously you didn’t see my latest post. So kindly f**k off.
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    Review: Tiger Lily Spa

    She’s a very nice lady. My only complaint is that the drape is like a tablecloth or something.
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    Believe in Massage

    I lived in New Cumberland for many years. Been living in Camp Hill the past 3. Never heard of it. Maybe because Mei Ling was my go to. Where is it located?
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    Review: Dream Day Spa - fooled again

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks for the review.
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    Has anyone tried Ashley?

    Better options than seeing her for .400