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  1. RubandSmug

    Review: River green spa - Nana

    So you saw Angie or Nana?
  2. RubandSmug

    Review: Nana at River Green

    I agree, Nana is very nice. She can really get into a deep tissue massage with her elbows, so if you're not into that you definitely have to tell her to adjust. Sometimes it's too much for me. You're spot on in that she sets the tone for good, basic service and is nice, and there's no way she's...
  3. RubandSmug

    Review: Aya - MLE (Resubmission)

    I was going to say, it the tip typical of MLE, or is the standard rate the all in? Do you tip on top of the rate?
  4. RubandSmug

    Review: 701 acacia spa Yumi

    Thanks for the 5-0 heads up. Avoid!
  5. RubandSmug

    Review: AllSports - Linda

    WTF, dude. Wrong name of the place, no specifics on $ when you say "more." Make an effort.
  6. RubandSmug

    Acacia is back...

    Looks like Acacia Spa is reopening. I went there once and had a good experience, and then they shut down (or were shut down, I forget which.) Either way, it's back open:
  7. RubandSmug

    Review: YL - Xixi

    Damn. See, just when I say "I'll never go to YL again given Anna's behavior" In comes a provider with a good rack to tempt me.
  8. RubandSmug

    Review: YL - Xixi

    I heard she used the AMP money to design webshooters so she could careen into the parking lot like Spider-man if you "left your wallet in the car" "I have VENMOOOOOOOOO!"
  9. RubandSmug

    Review: AllSports - Linda

    What's this place? Allsports in Bloomfield? Seems unfamiliar and nothing really comes up with the number
  10. RubandSmug

    Review: Y&L Health / Anna / FINAL Straw!

    So you're saying the reviews are lying? And you should really use quotes so we know who you're talking to.
  11. RubandSmug

    To the guy who made a scene at Hawaii spa tonight …

    Or maybe it's people who think everyone should be respected, especially if you're partaking in their services. The fact that you don't feel these women should be treated humanely says a lot about you.
  12. RubandSmug

    Review: Y&L Health / Anna / FINAL Straw!

    What do you mean? She actually did do this.
  13. RubandSmug

    Sho N Tell

    Of billions of BJ videos that you could share and highlight, you chose her?
  14. RubandSmug

    Monger Math

    Do the math on if she catches you and divorces your ass. In that respect, AMPing is not worth it.
  15. RubandSmug

    Review: My Luxe Escape - Lucy

    Not a fan of the concrete bolt ons. You can see just from the pics that they are plastered in.
  16. RubandSmug

    Review: Y&L Health / Anna / FINAL Straw!

    At this point, I just enjoy the crazy exploits that y'all reveal with her. At first I thought a previous review of her "going to the parking lot" was a one-off, but this story really tops it. Ridiculous! She and this place is not worth it, especially with Spa Oasis about 5 minutes away along the...
  17. RubandSmug

    Newton busty milf massage therapist

    Hard to imagine that you'd need to tell someone "Hey, if you're looking to attract guys...SMILE."
  18. RubandSmug

    Review: Cozy Foot Spa - Cindy

    LOL, man, what a bummer. Granny reprimanded you. Did you tip?
  19. RubandSmug

    Review: Angel Spa - Mimi

    I was always curious about this place, and couldn't find any reviews of it, but was wondering about its servicies since it's close to Oasis. Right now, Oasis's talent is...not great. That really old looking one I would not go back to, and the other one is nice, but I'd want some variety. At...
  20. RubandSmug

    Review: Eastern Cozy - Gina

    Interesting, she didn't seem to want FIV when I tried. Maybe it was because it was later in the day and she was tired of that already.