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  1. J

    Review: 100 Spa - Tina - Don’t bother

    I believe it’s Tina from SDS, Taiwan and not Thailand. I’ve always had great sessions with her fwiw
  2. J

    Treat Yo Self

    Treat yourself to a two girl session. Trust me, it will be one of the best hours of your life!
  3. J

    Review: Shirley PH

    late thirties actually
  4. J

    Post nut shame and guilt

    Sometimes, we just need to get laid! that's it. In most cases, its nothing more than a service. If you're going outside of your relationship then ask yourself why? Maybe the relationship is not right for you. Marriage is a different story. Someone once told me "you don't pay them for...
  5. J

    Review: Angel - PP

    She told me Korean but you may be right. I know they are sometimes funny about that stuff!!!
  6. J

    Review: Angel - PP

    Title: Review: Angel - PP Date: Jan 27, 2019 Phone: City: New York State: NY Activities: FS, BBBJ, GFE Age Estimate: 24 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Athletic/Dancer bod, killer abS Summary: Great session with Angel, its like going to a strip club but being allowed to...
  7. J

    UES - Hidden Treasures

    Best Qi Gong, 1074 Second Ave. Name may have changed. I used to see Angela when it was legit. She always gave a great massage and would provide extras (and make me take the evidence with me). Been there a few times after she left and it was no longer strictly legit.
  8. J

    Table Shower Head Rest Thing

    its like a yoga block, very uncomfortable.