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    Review: Kim - Hawaii

    I miss Kim. She must’ve taken so much damage during this summer like a community raid boss
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    Review: Hawaii - Mia

    Classic Mia was the truth… 40s but damn she had that hot Spanish mom look
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    Review: Hawaii Spa - Alice

    Her bbj is like under 30 seconds
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    Review: Kim Hawaii

    shave ya balls my boi its goes a long way.
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    Review: Kim Hawaii

    na i skipped the shower and went straight for the boom boom i went in at 12 pm tho and no wait. sammy is heavier side so i passed
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    Review: Kim Hawaii

    Title: Review: Kim Hawaii Date: Jun 19, 2024 Phone: 201 952 6666 City: Edgy State: Nj Location: Edgewater House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.6 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 24 Physical Description: Phat a$$. Small bewbs Private Details: So after going to Hawaii last night and was...
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    Review: Hawaii spa Alice

    Title: Review: Hawaii spa Alice Date: Jun 18, 2024 Phone: 2019526666 City: Edge State: New Jersey Location: Edgewater House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.6 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 24 Physical Description: Small petite thin nice butt small boobz Private Details: So I scroll...
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    Review: 365 - Alyssa

    Tis true
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    Review: Hawaii spa - cici

    You took a delorean to see cici in the future of June 26 2024??!
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    Review: 365 Spa - Alyssa

    must be good if first review ever in 4 years and this girl got you to write one lol.
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    Review: Hawaii Spa - Mimi

    she already looks like the mamasan from 365 lol
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    Review: Hawaii-Kim

    So is it free spa session and 80k or you just get money and no boom boom for life?
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    Review: Hawaii-Kim

    I never got an offer :( I speak Spanish too I was saying me gusta a lot while rubbin her butt
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    Review: Queens spa kim

    Maybe. She got a giant tattoo on her arm with some dudes name unless it’s her baby lol
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    Review: Hawaii spa sugar

    Title: Review: Hawaii spa sugar Date: Apr 6, 2024 Phone: 201 952 6666 City: Edge State: Nj Location: E water House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Good body money can buy Private Details: So after reading reviews on sugar I...
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    Review: Erica - Hawaii

    She got her boobz dun? I gotta go see lol
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    Review: Hawaii - Cara

    Probably keeeem
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    Review: Hawaii Spa - Cara?

    that third pop was for her lol
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    Review: 365 spa - Kiki

    She reminds me of suki from 785 for some reason cuz she’s hot