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    Review: Mimi @ Aloha Spa

    I work nearby, sometimes you get a decent girl, often you get an old grannie.
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    Review: Heaven is a Spa - May

    Yea, I agree. The gym style locker room in the back is very fucking awkward considering everyone in there is a naked fellow monger who you know just got his nut off.
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    I'm being Blackmailed by a provider

    Thanks for the tip. I'm using Google Voice now. But I'll install Talkatone on my phone too.
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    Does this seem excessive to see a massage independent?

    God no, don't provide any info. Go see a normal provider that doesn't require any info.
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    I'm being Blackmailed by a provider

    Remember mongers, security is the #1 most important thing in this hobby. I got sloppy and started using my real cell phone number to call providers. Now they used an online data broker to track down where I live, they have my wife's name and cell phone number and are texting both me and her...
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    Looking to get groomed

    Kristen is great. I've been there a few times.
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    Review: RMP Englewood

    Title: Review: RMP Englewood Date: Oct 29, 2020 Phone: 201-446-6625 City: Englewood State: NJ Location: Grand Ave Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Very attractive petite Russian girl, nice sized tits Private Details: Typical RMP and they even have a small...
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    Review: RMP (ridiculously hot brazilian)

    Always hot chicks at this location. Typical RMP markup. Easy parking in the small lot behind the house.