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    Review: 47 Mimi resubmiy

    There is a Coco a new blue moon. Same one, or was this Coco sometimes at Diamond in Bellmawr?
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    Review: Diamond - Coco (repost)

    Is Coco still there, I was told she left.
  3. C

    Review: Violet spa-Xixo

    One55, sounds like it was not busy when you had your appt. What time of day was it?
  4. C

    Review: RM Sunny - Sandy?

    Could Coco have previously been at Diamond in Bellmawr?
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    Review: Accupresaure Center - Sunny

    Went by this one. Do you park and use front or park out back and go to the back door?
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    Review: Diamond Spa - Coco

    Coco has always been a pleasure for me.
  7. C

    Diamond Spa

    Any of them busty?
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    Stress relief wailliamstown

    Any of these 4 busty?
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    Review: Health spa massage Jennifer

    Amp or Caucasian? Damages? Good visit?
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    Review: Diamond Spa - Coco

    Recently met Coco. Very nice.
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    Review: Diamond Spa

    Title: Review: Diamond Spa Date: Feb 10, 2023 Phone: Location: BHP strip shopping ctr Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Fit and great smile Private Details: Good massage. Needed hot towel clear up to my neck. Some pleasant conversation was relaxing and created a...
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    Review: Rosemary - Independent

    Were damages 1. ?
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    Review: Anna

    Would love to know how to contact.
  14. C

    Nancy is the best

  15. C

    Review: Angie

    Havent heard of her - where are her ads? Age?
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    Nancy is the best

    Was that sister, Betty Si....?
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    Nancy is the best

    I haven't visited her but did get a glimpse of her when I visited someone staying with her a while back. She looked good. I think the woman I visited claimed to be her sister.
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    Has anyone seen kelly or Jenna at Nikki perfect touch place

    Wish I had visited Nikki before she just went with some regulars. A missed opportunity!
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    Has anyone seen kelly or Jenna at Nikki perfect touch place

    Have not seen, but I think Nikki is sticking to her regulars only.
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    Katie/Chrissy (NE Philly)

    Roadrunner6941 - Did you go? thoughts?