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  1. J

    Review: Stephanie - BSC

    Title: Review: Stephanie - BSC Date: Apr 30, 2022 Phone: yup City: Belleville State: NJ Location: by the park Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: curvy as fuck Private Details: I rolled the dice taking a girl i've never seen before. I showed up and she had a...
  2. J

    Gisella coming to Jersey

    Last time I saw the best provider in NYC she informed me she’s coming to NJ for good. She’s amazing. Like an Instagram model in the flesh. Pricey at $$$$ but with every penny.
  3. J

    South Hackensack - Egyptian

    Picture 1 does not match 2 and 3. And I’m sure picture 1 is what you get.
  4. J

    Review: Isis is back

    She should really use a different name.
  5. J

    Review: BSC - Vanessa

    They are natural. We did a like 10 minute test on them.
  6. J

    Review: Review: BG - Helen

    Title: Review: Review: BG - Helen Date: Apr 9, 2022 Phone: City: New York State: New York Location: Nomad Age Estimate: 37 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Tight with big mms Private Details: This girl gives her all. I gave her the standard $$$.20 and she earned it. Most...
  7. J

    Review: #1 edgewater spa crystal.YUKI

    This sounds yuki
  8. J

    Review: Yenny - Indy

    Shit. I always do that wronng damn. I always stop, drop and shut em down open up shop.
  9. J

    Review: Eve BSC

    Very similar
  10. J

    Bedpage scam warning

    If I can’t trust bedpage, who can I trust?
  11. J

    Review: Eve BSC

    Title: Review: Eve BSC Date: Mar 18, 2022 Phone: Online City: Belleville State: NJ Location: Near park Age Estimate: 26 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Thick and curvey Private Details: Standard HF and greeting from Angela. Get down to the room and she is gorgeous. Beautiful...
  12. J

    Any info on this provider in Totowa?

    Haha. The odds are good. But the goods are odd.
  13. J

    Review: Padma - Blue Ocean

    She is Indian.
  14. J

    Review: BSC - Susie

    Title: Review: BSC - Susie Date: Mar 5, 2022 Phone: Is available City: Belleville State: NJ Location: Near Park Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Blonde, Petite, skinny with amazing curves Private Details: Last time I was there I saw Susie on the couch and asked...
  15. J

    best edgewater place

    Kim from private hotties an Asian lassies in the city is now out in edgewater. So that’s clearly the premier.
  16. J

    Russian mp Boycott

    This comment is hilarious.
  17. J

    Review: Blue Ocean padma

    Title: Review: Blue Ocean Date: Feb 26, 2022 Phone: +1 (929) 900-5757 City: New York State: New York Location: Near PABT Age Estimate: 27 Physical Description: Soft. Gorgeous Private Details: So I texted and they said Padma was available right away. I get to my room and a busted Asian girl...
  18. J

    Black girls ??

    Really? Then what would you say she is?
  19. J

    Black girls ??

    Kasario kind of looks like a cartoon character. But is fun