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    Where did everyone go?

    would appreciate a PM please
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    Bad Breath

    I’ve been with a handful of providers now and I’ve been noticing a trend with a good amount of them. I won’t name names but even after the blue toast I can still smell something unpleasant on their breath while kissing. It kinda kills the vibe and I wonder if there’s any remedies and a nice way...
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    Vietnamese Milfs

    There’s a MMS at Green Spa named Tina who’s petite and got curves in all the right places with a bitchy demeanor. She used to give massages but not anymore. She’s one tough nut to crack..
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    Vietnamese Milfs

    Christina is not Vietnamese - she’s Chinese. Also, not much of a looker but good attitude and definitely freaky.
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    Review: Sophia @ YV

    Does she go by Sophia at Wellcare?
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    Vietnamese Milfs

    Could you describe her looks? And which days does she work?
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    Vietnamese Milfs

    Does anyone remember Cindy from the short lived Blue Sea One spa in Santa Clara? She was one hot Viet MILF.
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    Vietnamese Milfs

    Kim aka “filet mignon”. Be careful - some say she is a post op tranny.
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    Vietnamese Milfs

    Can you provide more contact details for Ivy Rose @ San Jose? My viet milf rec is Evon @Azure in Los Gatos. She only works Tuesday’s.
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    Review: Kim @ nice

    Thanks for the honest review - you saved me a trip :)
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    Dresses and skirts

    Could I get a DM pls :)
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    GFEI Juicy

    Any tips on getting verified at GFEI? They don’t seem to reply back after filling out the online form. TIA
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    Review: Akio - Multiple

    @Ampaddict32 who would you recommend at Spring Spa?
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    Deep Tissue Provider Recs

    I really like strong deep tissue massages and it’s rare to find a good provider. Even more rare is one who also provides a solid HE but that’s just the cherry on the top. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. A few of my recommendations include: Sara from Health & Beauty in SJ Kate from...
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    Review: Nancy Bee Salon - Kimmie (not Kim)

    Have you seen Kim yet?
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    Review: Mia at Aha Spa

    How would you describe/rate her looks (body and face)?
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    Review: Lisa @UniqueSpa

    Are you sure she’s Korean?
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    Review: Great massage - Emily

    Are you sure she was Vietnamese? Most girls here are Chinese and sometimes Korean.
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    Any recommendation for good(real) massage spas with happy ending

    Was DFK available? I’ve heard she does.