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  1. Z

    STG Vanessa

    Fake Ad That Is Russian Porn Star Nikita Reznikova !
  2. Z

    Does anyone remember Sandra in Pt Pleasant?

    I Think She Moved ! She Stopped Giving Endings Before She Stopped !
  3. Z


    Happy Holidays Is Racist, It's MERRY CHRISTMAS !
  4. Z

    Blood in Semen

    You Could Have Cancer ! Go See A Doctor ! CLICK ON THIS LINK---- ( Blood in semen - Mayo Clinic )
  5. Z

    Anyone seen this girl?

    She Look Real Hot And Would Be A Lot Of Fun, But It's Totally Fake ! Click On The Pictures, And Click On "Is This Picture Real", You Will Get Links To Other Fake Ads ! It Looks Like Pictures Were Stolen From A Twitter Account ! Go For It If You Want To Get Murdered Or Robbed, Or Worse NOT THE...
  6. Z

    Sandra in Newark

    Fake Add ! That Is Violet Summers !
  7. Z

    Review: Ellie - Indy - RB/Middletown

    You Should Have Shut Her Up With Your Dick, Like Geraldo Did To Bette Midler !
  8. Z

    Review: Miranda. Ocean cnty

    Well We Can't Just Show Up ! We Have To Tell Her How We Heard Of Her !
  9. Z

    Review: Miranda. Ocean cnty

    Where In PPB ?
  10. Z

    Jokes anyone?

    What did one tampon say to the other tampon? Nothing - they're both stuck up cunts !
  11. Z

    Review: Miranda

    Where is the link to the E-Mail Address ?
  12. Z

    Review: Miranda

    Where is the link to this ad ?
  13. Z

    Review: Ace Spa

    I Have Seen Ruby Before, And Just Got A HJ !