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    Review: Mai at Ilikai

    Title: Review: Mai at Ilikai Date: Jul 3, 2023 Phone: (808) 722-7195 City: Honolulu State: HI Location: Ala Moana House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 140 Age Estimate: 55- Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Skinny with small saggy tits. A little loose skin. Small and slim with...
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    Review: Osaka Spa - Coco

    Hey - what’s the house fee and tip here?
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    Review: Osaka - NaNa

    Hey. I recently moved here from nyc. What was the price all in?
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    Review: Grand Elegant Spa

    Title: Review: Grand Elegant Spa Date: Aug 17, 2022 Phone: City: Chinatown State: NY Location: Grand St. Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Small with small boobs and some padding. Carries it well. Private Details: I moved out of NYC but Ana was always one of...
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    Review: Grand elegant spa

    Title: Review: Grand elegant spa Date: Oct 1, 2021 Phone: City: CT State: NY Location: Grand St south of B/D Age Estimate: 60 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Old and slim Private Details: Whatever you think about Joyce’s skills she gives the best god damn massage I’ve ever...
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    Review: Rainbow Kalakaua

    Yeah, but the phone number you gave is for a different place
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    Review: Rainbow Kalakaua

    Why does your phone number not match the name of the spa???
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    Review: TOFTT - Rainbow

    You’re doing god’s work updating this dead forum. Much thanks.
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    Any recommendations in Oahu?

    Pm me a few of your favorite spots if you don’t mind.
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    Any recommendations in Oahu?

    What’s standard pricing like here? I just moved from the east coast
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    Any recommendations in Oahu?

    Dear lord I hate that website.
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    Review: Wendy - Coral Essex Spa

    No. she was last in Queens, but the location was shut down about a month ago.
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    7 train recommendations

    That place was shut down.
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    Review: Lily - Grand elegant spa

    Title: Review: Lily - Grand elegant spa Date: Aug 17, 2021 Phone: 6466845512 City: CT State: NY Location: Grand ST. Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Slim and short with nice soft tits. Flat ass and the stomach you’d expect on someone in their 50’s Private Details: Got the standard...
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    Review: Wendy on Roosevelt. Elmhurst/JH

    Title: Review: Wendy on Roosevelt. Elmhurst/JH Date: Aug 4, 2021 Phone: City: Elmhurst/Jackson Heights State: NY Location: 88th St. and Roosevelt Ave. north side. Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim with large man made breasts. Long black hair and brown...
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    Flushing is Dead - Jackson Height is where it's at

    I’m pretty sure the DOH shut that place down in late July for unsafe living conditions. There were a few hotties there.
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    Review: Wendy knows how to please

    Title: Review: Wendy knows how to please Date: Aug 4, 2021 Phone: City: Elmhurst/JH State: NY Location: Roosevelt Ave Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Slim with surprisingly nice tits. Private Details: Stopped by an obvious brothel on Roosie. Instead of the usual grannies on the...
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    Korean Restaurants to take a client

    Her Name is Han. Thank me later.
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    Review: Wendy - Coral Essex Spa

    Yo. Can I get a ride!!!
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    Review: Wendy - Coral Essex Spa

    Read the description. Not a chance. I miss her too man.