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    Review: New day spa- happy

    Wow is 1.5 the standard now here?
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    Colorado Springs?

    Anything new in this area? It's so quiet
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    Review: Aqua - Lexi

    Title: Review: Aqua - Lexi Date: Dec 18, 2020 Phone: City: Edgewater State: NJ Age Estimate: 41 according to her Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Skinny, gruff voice, nice hair, so-so b's Private Details: I haven't been to many AMPS mostly due to cost and scheduling. But I...
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    Hottest overall girls?

    What's Dac?
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    Review: Michelle - Aqua Blue Spa

    Do you need appointment for this place? Is Michelle still there?
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    Where to park near ph

    Any free places to park near ph area? Thanks for advice
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    Anything near 57th and 11th?

    By the way ello was close I like young and busty but who doesn't lol
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    Anything near 57th and 11th?

    If I could ever find parking anywhere I wouldn't care about location as much...
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    Anything near 57th and 11th?

    I knew I'd get wisecracker answers Anyone have any real information? I'm not from Manhattan and there's no way to figure out from reviews what's close or not.
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    Anything near 57th and 11th?

    Prefer fs places thanks! Not familiar with area...I miss sh map feature!
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    Anything open past 1 am

    Any spas preferably fs... open past 1 am? Thanks!
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    Review: PP/AS - Ayumi TOFTT

    nevermind found it! Ayumi isn't even listed there lol
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    Review: PP/AS - Ayumi TOFTT

    I can't google search that number since it's missing a digit....what and where is this place?
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    Coco from MSA

    Does anyone know her new name on the other escort review site? I can't seem to find her...thanks!
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    Be careful out there
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    Colorado Springs?

    Was wondering if there's anything in Colorado Springs... visiting for first time there thanks.
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    Review: Coco at Spa24Hours

    So coco is a no go?
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    Review: Coco at Spa24Hours

    sorry can't read reviews can someone pm me expected hf and tip since I'm not local. Also is she gfe or mask on whole time?
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    Finally reaching the promised land

    Im not a newbie... just a newbie to flushing area... just looking for slam dunk suggestions... don't know when ill ever get back. No sarcastic comments I've heard them all.
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    Finally reaching the promised land

    This is my first shot at hitting Flushing and I want it to count... where's the hottest girls around here? Sorry not familiar with the area. Bonus if there's any Japanese or busty but not chubby.. Thanks!