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    Any info — Alexis Rules

    Maybe she uses hypnosis. (Pun intended). Does she have a good edging skills?
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    Bree - ex volleyball player

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    Bree - ex volleyball player

    What is IG?
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    Review: Met Selina @ 202/206 - Seductive & Hot

    Damn, I was thinking to see her sooner or later.
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    Review: K&M - Met Lisa. She just made my day.

    Title: Review: K&M - Met Lisa. She just made my day. Date: Jun 13, 2024 Phone: 7323302135 City: TR Location: Near a car dealer House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $$.0 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Mid to late 20s Physical Description: Petite, 110lbs, B tits, clean shaven & pinkish...
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    Rank in order

    If you talk about FS spots, I'd choose Stone.
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    Best edgewater spa?

    Sorry to tell you this but Queen might be one of the best spas in Edgewater.
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    Review: LL Wellness Center - Laura / PM specialist

    Title: Review: LL Wellness Center - Laura / PM specialist Date: Jun 12, 2024 Phone: (201) 486-0474 City: East Hanover Location: near REI House Fee & Tip (if applicable) Total $.2 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50/60 Physical Description: natural C breasts, platterass, not a looker...
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    Review: Anna

    Only legit?
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    Older and/o plump

    Jenny @ swan if you're ok with small tire to her wasit.
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    Beware of this one from STG

    Wondering if admin gives a credit even there is no significant activities in the room and physical description of the provider. Personally I think it's ok for this case because it's helpful.
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    Spa Wellness.

    In my experience, LE just can shut it down with a significant or insignificant reason. Just play safe.
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    Review: Elim Spa (TOFTT)

    It's been a legit since day 1.
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    Y and y

    Please stop talking in riddles. Say where you're talking about.
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    Review: Heather - Indy from Kearny

    IMO, she's mid 40s.
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    LE at Dream today

    Interesting. Their location is sorta excellent for an AMPs. Hope they had just stopped in.
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    Weird message in my inbox

    Nothing in my inbox. But thanks anyway. I just read a message saying a review I submitted months ago got rejected by admin. Gotta fix it.
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    Honey Viagra sold in convenience store…

    FDA warns but it sounds like a Recommendation for me.