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    Review: Tina DDD

    Title: Review: Tina DDD Date: (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION) Phone: City: PHILADELPHIA State: PA Location: South philly Physical Description: Milf with bolt ons Private Details: So I got seeTina man you people were right. I was greeted by Sue and ask for asked for Tina Sue escorted me into...
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    Need help

    seems sketchy they gave me an address but it’s not exact
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    Need help

    Did any one respond to this ad?
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    Anyone ever see Carol?

    Probably a fake picture. 9 Time s out of 10 bait and switch
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    Zoe epm

    Thanks Rice
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    Zoe epm

    Hi, has anyone seen Zoe at epm? If you don’t want to reply please pm me
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    South philly julie

    South Philly Julie is on vacation for 10 days
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    Review: Julie

    Title: Review: Julie Date: Dec 20, 2019 Phone: City: PHILADELPHIA State: Pa Location: South Physical Description: Skinny asian with bolt ones Private Details: Caught up with my atf. Asked for a shower she drew the water asked if she would join me but she said no cause of her make up but...
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    Review: Sue -young sue -tina

    Is young sue connie?
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    Review: Sue -young sue -tina

    What time did you get there?
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    Asian Outcall

    Has anyone ever had an Asian outcall from a girl on How was it? If you don’t want pst please pm me
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    Review: Julie at South Philly

    When making an appointment make sure you ask for Julie or you might get a bait and switch
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    Review: Julie and Lucy

    Title: Review: Julie and Lucy Date: (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION) Phone: City: South Philadelphia State: PA Physical Description: Both h girls looked good Private Details: Scheduled a 4 hand with Julie and Lucy. I got there and got buzzed in went up the stairs and was treated by Julie, I took...
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    Review: Vina Skyy - Asian Pornstar Incall

    Her ad is still up at eros
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    Sue/ Sophia is coming back

    Will she be at ADH or triple D?
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    Review: Ena @ EPM

    I’m guessing that’s a where on the flip she licks your nipples and slowly licks her way down to your dick
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    929 arch st

    Her is the link from I wan to make sure it is legit before I go. I did call the said the donation was 160 for the hour
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    929 arch st

    I want to know if there is any reviews and what is the name of it. I did a search
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    929 arch st

    Hi I was wondering if anybody noes what spa this is. Thank you
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    Review: Julie - S Philly

    It depends on the level of service