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    Review: Acupressure Hainesport-Connie

    “Normal looking asian milf” Any OTC ......
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    Serious question

    This may be a long shot, but I am totally interested in experimenting. Looking for a lactating girl. I know I know..... usually I am looking for the tiniest of tits, and this goes against the grain but, would love to experience it. If she is pregnant ok, I am in.
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    Review: True Balance Amanda

    Devil fan I agree
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    Review: True Balance Amanda

    Am I seeing this right 60-120 for HJ?
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    She is MASSIVE!
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    Review: Mira Spa Annie

    That’s the way they get away with things.... no wrappers present
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    Review: Mings Ocean Spa

    It’s from Animal House
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    Review: China acupressure

    I have heard her tits are amazing...... and if you can’t get your hands on them, she’s no different than..... just choose any standard girl from anywhere
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    Apple Spa

    Well, all I can say is I saw nothing that would tell me they are open. door closed No open sign lit Shutters that were once around the entryway gone ??????
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    amp reviews

    Girls know about this site. I have had girls tell me they read the reviews. Had 1 girl ask if I had posted and she said she doesn’t need the extra attention.
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    Review: Mira’s Spa

    Title: Review: Mira’s Spa Date: Jul 30, 2020 Phone: City: My Holly State: NJ Location: Route 38 Age Estimate: 45+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, firm Private Details: Went in and asked to see Annie, based on reviews. This was the girl who greeted me. Sanitizer, no...
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    Apple Spa

    Drive by today, the OPEN sign is gone, the windows are wide open(no blinds) and looks conspicuously vacant!
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    Review: Oasis - Broad St 07.25

    Probably don’t touch her chest because possibly during the closure she may have had some work done?
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    Enhancement pills

    All of these pills give you a headache for the next day I am hearing? Any truth to that? plus your erecttion lasts a lot longer than need be. What do you do with it then?
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    Review: Lisa @ French

    Love those type of nipples.....
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    Natural bush?

    The Chinese bush is certainly acceptable. Barely any to no hair down the bottom around the target, which makes it perfect!
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    Review: Oriental spa-Wendy

    What? she not dhe? What does this mean
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    Review: TS Barbi Bimbo

    I thought this forum was about AMP Girls!
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    Skinsgame......tou better believe it.... and nipples to die for. Nice thimble sized, dark and proud!
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    Cheeks was without a doubt the most erotic spot. Girls were into volume for sure. They were hot as hell, and were only interested in your dollar. except one time I was there. Was in the tents with Sasha, were were at it good 25 min and all of the sudden she was crazy and it got really warm in...