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    Review: Angel - Independent

    I’m confused some say she is in Sussex and others says she is out of the game. Which is it?
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    Review: Angel - Independent

    Any marks on her bod?
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    Review: Dover Accupressure

    Place is going down hill fast. The goods ones are all gone
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    Review: Leena-sparta

    My dumb ass tried attempting seeing this girl since my main girl is hard to see lately. FUCK That man! I thought maybe her pictures were just not good ones but she is way worse in person. Had all sores on her face I’m guessing meth sores and I saw track marks all over her. If you want hiv with a...
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    Review: Kimberly- Rockaway

    She barely works since her place isn’t ideal for hosting and she doesn’t want to risk getting caught. I appreciate that she is careful and cautious. Told me she definitely isn’t seeing anyone new. Does live videos mostly which I have done when I can’t get away to see her. Also made a sex tape...
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    Review: Independent - “Kimberly”

    Text is better. Are you texting her the info she requests? If not she won’t answer
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    Review: Independent - “Kimberly”

    Wrong number above 973-559-3225 is Kim
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    Best AMP ASS in NNJ ??

    You guys got it wrong. Her name isn’t Sophia
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    Review: Vane- Independent

    I’ve tried to see her. Never gets back to me. Does she change phone number often?
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    Review: Independent - “Kimberly”

    Fellas any nasty reviews about Kim are definitely nikki hackettstown or the new meth head in Sparta. They are so jealous of her it’s pathetic. Fat? Sorry to break it to you but Kim actually lost a lot of weight and is looking fine as fuck. Drugs? Since when is it a crime to party? but one thing...
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    Best AMP ASS in NNJ ??

    Heres my Italian bootylicious Queen
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    Review: Independent - “Kimberly”

    What do you mean by personal and family issue’s? I see her very often and have become friendly with her. She doesn’t post because she has enough regulars for the amount of time she is able to host. She is definitely not I’ll, not sure why you would even say that. I personally think she is too...
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    Anyone know bbbj providers/places?

    Best in North Jersey for the specific thing you’re looking for. She exceeds in service, professionalism, friendliness and hygiene. But she is a thick girl and not sure if you’re looking for a certain body type. She was recommended to me by someone else on here and I’m glad I gave her a go...
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    Review: Stone Body Work - Anna

    I am definitely intrigued. Hmm. Very local to me also. Thanks
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    Review: Bianca formerly of JVS

    Very thorough review. Thanks
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    Review: good service...low cost
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    Review: Independent - “Kimberly”

    I spoke to her for the first time today. She hadn’t answered me in weeks. She told me she had to have a cardioverison done and took a break from seeing everyone. She said she is doing better and is getting back into it but is restricting the amount of incalls since she is in a condo development...