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    Review: 108 Massage Spa - Coco short but freaky

    Thanks for the review. I love Filipinas. How is her ass?
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    Review: Gina Bayside Indy

    Title: Review: Gina Bayside Indy Date: May 31, 2024 Phone: 516-881-6208 City: Bayside State: NY Location: 168th Street House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $100+$20 Tip Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: Late 40’s Physical Description: Nice womanly body, great tits, grabbable ass, shaven...
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    Review: FI - Taohua

    I like that approach
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    Review: FI - Taohua

    Agreed…inquiring minds would like to know. How real are the photos posted in the ad? Thanks
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    Review: Lori @ Nancy Spa

    Thanks for the review. Looks like she a great little ass from the pics on twitter. How is it live?
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    Review: FP Hungarian - Maya

    This place is impossible to get into as a new client!
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    Review: “Gina” Bayside/Northern Flushing

    I personally enjoyed Gina services very much…at the price point it’s a still. Will post my review soon :)
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    Review: Resubmit - Xueer at Crystal Palace

    Title: Review: Resubmit - Xueer at Crystal Palace Date: Apr 26, 2024 Phone: 631-204-3511 City: Bellerose/Floral Park State: NY Location: Near Jericho and Braddock House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $40+$120 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40’s Probably Physical Description: Typical...
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    Review: PAAG @ Corona spot

    Thanks for the review. Anyone try the other talents here? MMS sent me pics of jia jia, yo-yo and Emily, all of which look like they have some junk in the trunk.
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    Review: Maya

    Nice review…thank you. Can you give a general area of Jamaica, i.e. near LIRR, near Hillside and Midland pkwy, etc?
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    Review: PSA - New Squirter - Coco @yumispa163

    Thanks for the review, I’m gonna have to go check this place out!
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    Review: PSA - New Squirter - Coco @yumispa163

    Does Nancy spa have a new twitter?
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    Review: Kiki—— new Monroe spa

    Yes could you please share the website you’re referencing? I’ve never seen one and have been bait and switched at this spot before.
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    Review: Kyra - FP Hungarian Super Milf

    Been trying to get into this spot for almost 2 years lol. So frustrating because I know exactly where it is and I drive by almost everyday
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    Review: Asian MILF - Cherry Ave.

    I too am curious about the ass situation thank you kind sir lol
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    Review: Gina Italian Milf

    Yeah how is the booty situation?
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    Review: Hudie - F Indie

    Thanks for the review! How is her butt?
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    Review: Susan - Skinny European Independent

    Thanks for the review :) how was the booty situation?
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    Review: Lin Lin

    Correct…her services are only $100, if you have a small penis. But for us clowns with the big dicks, she charges a lil bit more. Sorry lol :)