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    Review: Dream Spa - Baby

    Title: Review: Dream Spa - Baby Date: Apr 2, 2023 Phone: 732-875-8568 City: New Brunswick State: NJ Location: Route 27 Age Estimate: 31 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Medium Height, Maybe 5'6", Athletic Body, Perky MM Breast and One of The Best Asses I've Ever Felt in My...
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    Review: New Star - Sky

    Title: Review: New Star - Sky Date: Mar 22, 2023 Phone: 267-825-6666 City: Philadelphia State: Pennsylvania Location: Race Street Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Pretty Face, Beautiful Eyes and Smile, Some Belly Fat, Above Average Ass Private Details: My...
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    Review: Dream Spa - Ada

    Title: Review: Dream Spa - Ada Date: Mar 30, 2023 Phone: 732-875-8568 City: New Brunswick State: NJ Location: Route 27 Age Estimate: 36 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Tall, Very Pretty, Athletic Body, Great Breast Private Details: Saw this spa recommended on the Top Asian...
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    Highland park

    I find open 24 hours in CNJ rare if at all unless they are in stand alone private building where someone coming and going at all hours of the night would not be suspicious. I do know a place in North Jersey that the girls live at the spa for weeks or even months at a time. It's not open 24...
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    Review: Lucky js what Dreams are Made Of

    What is the screening like for this place?
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    Review: Jessica Green Garden Therapy

    Sorry. I'm getting messages that this place doesn't like reviews. I was not told, and I saw no signs. Within moments of arriving, I was ushered into a very dimly lit room. I did not notice any signs on the wall, and I wasn't really looking at the walls. I had one of two lovely women in my...
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    Review: Jessica Green Garden Therapy

    Title: Review: Jessica Green Garden Therapy Date: Mar 5, 2023 Phone: Walked In City: West Milford State: NJ Location: Old 23 Age Estimate: 32 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Medium Height, Creamy White Skin, Girl Next Door Natural Beauty Private Details: Stopped in without an...