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    Review: Review: Connie AEC

    i‘m a big fan also
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    Review: Kelly LKS

    Was her face natural? no plastic surgery?
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    New at BGC

    Looks like Isabella is added to SJ line up. Anybody have info?
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    Review: Kat @ KGA: Adventures on the Leather Couch

    She is always a good time for me
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    Trip Down Memory Lane

    Back when the pics actually resembled the girl, that’s another trip down memory lane on it’s own. LOL
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    New at BGC

    I wonder if $220 is a 30 minute price. side note, I think it’s very smart to drop prices on the less busy girls, hopefully the trend continues. Simple math, better to have 5 or 6 customers a day who repeat at $220 than 2 at higher prices who don’t come back. of course I am aware of the other...
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    Any Eye Candy?

    That’s a truth bomb here!
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    Jennie at LKS - still around?

    I know the Korean obsession with plastic surgery. but seeing so many surgeries that simply were not effective, my opinion is almost all of the time, it’s better if the girls just left their faces alone.
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    Jennie at LKS - still around?

    I definitely appreciate the honesty, I don’t like the plastic face either.
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    LSC Selfies?

    I hope they changed their policy. I refuse to send personal info
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    Jennie at LKS - still around?

    Definitely this, with popular girls having more customers than available time slots. also some regular high rollers are booking 2 or 3 hour slots, so available times become even more limited on a specific day.
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    Review: Kelly LKS

    Msog available?
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    Who is good at BGC now?

    Mint might be good, but it’s not the Mint I was hoping it was:( interesting about Carina, if I am not mistaken, somebody mentioned the opposite that she doesn’t look as good as the first tour. Glad to hear the service is still solid
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    411 on GFEI Grace and Soyu

    I think so too, I was really hoping for that 1% chance it was her.
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    Snacks with session?

    Agree, but ask your CF, they will usually tell you what they want, whether it’s a afternoon latte, fruit etc
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    411 on GFEI Grace and Soyu

    it looks like this is a different Grace than the one I was referring to.
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    411 on GFEI Grace and Soyu

    I am hoping it’s the grace for a few years ago, I don’t think she ever came back. I don’t believe she was Mulan or Annie But If I am wrong somebody feel free to correct me.
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    411 on GFEI Grace and Soyu

    Anybody make it out to see Grace? If she speaks perfect English then That’s the one that used to be here.
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    New at BGC

    no word on Mint? Really curious if its The same Mint that used to be here a while ago.
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    New girl Kelly from LKS

    any updates for Kelly?