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    Review: Orange - Rachel

    Next time just be a supermodel and do the walk.... Out
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    Review: Karen at the Geisha house MissKyoto

    A lot of missing details relating to the establishment. Have table shower? How many showering areas? Massage table or mattress beds? What size mattress bed? Have waiting area? Waiting area is curtained off with sofa? How big are the rooms? How are the rooms decorated? Please add more details...
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    Review: Pretty Yuki - Hara

    Do you have working link for salleys spa?
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    Review: IF you like THICK korean check out Kathy at New Diamond Spa (Astoria)

    Know any kgirls that are young spinners?
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    Review: Yoko - TheOrangeNYC

    One of the few non-shill Orange posts. I'm impressed.
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    Tall girls

    Yup. I saw her on her first day and told myself no. I promised myself I would only see her once, and that was on her last day. My God I couldn't stop thinking how perfect she was. Perfect. Fukmi
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    Tall girls

    Look out for Amazon Yoko. Japanese cam model. 5'10, nice proportions, nice hips, very pretty face.
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    Review: Lisa - 91 Canal

    Does no one know about the fast houses in flushing?
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    Review: Layla - New Rainbow

    When Layla is slim, she's hot af. When she's not, very mid. Still gives a damn good butt bone massage
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    Review: Nina - Orange NYC

    Nina's been verified by several reviews to be 50+ yo
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    Chinatown needs new talents

    In China, Ktv girl prices is 3600-4600cny for overnight. Sitting fee is 1000-1200cny. In NYC hot young Chinese/Taiwanese girls can get up to 900usd a night just to fukn drink with three guys. This has been going on for over a decade now. Chinatown will never get hot Chinese girls with all the...
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    Review: Kate/Oxana body rub

    Dunno found on the review website
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    Review: Cici Choi’s Barber

    $=100 0.$=$50(?) Late 30s=+15+30
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    Review: Yoko-OrangeNYC

    Thank you for your sacrifice
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    Review: Kate/Oxana body rub

    Kate Oxana contact. (347) 206-3859
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    Review: Kate/Oxana body rub

    No mention on time or price... Not a very useful review
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    Review: Nina - Orange

    Thank you for your sacrifice
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    Review: Shiori - RS8

    Delicious Feet Akari