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    Bad Breath :(

    Not a surprise. I just walk if I find anything unhygienic. Zero hesitation.
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    Review: River Therapy - Ruby

    Tried to see Ruby last night but she already left. Saw the replacement, Jennifer. When she came in the room, she looked like in her early 50s. But when I was following her into TS, her backside looked like early 20s. Mouth-watering. Lol
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    Review: Serenity - Lisa

    So both places are similar except covering or not. Seems like she just thought you were a guy preferring uncovered.
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    Indy in a hotel?
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    Review: Aromatherapy-Rochester NY-Coco

    How did she clean your pipe? CBJCIM or HJ?
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    Hygiene !!!!!

    Believe there are a couple of table manner you must know. And it would be more helpful in this summer! The first word would be "Lay your clean body on the table. If it's not then ask TS to your provider."
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    Review: Latina Indy

    Lookswise, young girls are definitely more attractive. Nevertheless, I've had hotter experiences from Milf than younger ones.
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    Review: River Therapy - Ruby

    Natural top?
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    Review: Stone - Zoe

    Nice report. Might give her a try.
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    Where should I go today ?

    Time to take a break to gain back your small head sensitivity?
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    Review: Cozy Spa - Cindy

    haha.. she maybe bundle up against OTC.
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    Review: INDY: Lauren Sugarr + Maya Star

    Not as long as they even suck my all of digits, that price is insane for me.
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    Review: Triple A - Oakland Suzie Repost

    You met the woman of mystery and she was fully equipped then. Interesting.
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    Nuru in Newton

    Certification she got was from the ED of NJ state or a private school?
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    Review: BWW - Melissa

    Anyone seen Erica who worked for BWW years ago?
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    Review: An Excellent Massage with Mary - Lake Ridge spa in Toms River

    Title: Review: An Excellent Massage with Mary - Lake Ridge spa in Toms River Date: May 3, 2024 Phone: 732 276-8644 City: TR Location: Next to nail salon House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.4 total for one hour Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Trimmed, full Cs...
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    Review: Accupressure Center - Anna

    Same here. Candy is one of my favs.
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    Apex Spa? Anyone TOFTT?

    Outcall? Interesting.