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  1. J

    Seeking Arrangments (& other Sugar Daddy sites)

    Beware of losing money to Seeking when they suspend your account for no reason and you can't get back in. Quite the crooks.
  2. J

    Any info on this one

    Agreed, saw her a few weeks ago and the smallest of things annoyed her.
  3. J

    Review: DaDaDa- Tina

    Tina is Vietnamese and in her late 60's.
  4. J


    Just got back from seeing Tina tonight. I would definitely drive 85 minutes to see her. Just find a nice place to eat along the way and make it a multi-purpose trip. The place was dead, I was the only guy in there for at least an hour.
  5. J

    Review: QQ - Wei Wei

    Haha one message and 0 reviews, good luck!
  6. J

    Review: Tri D

    I'm not sure why anybody would think it's a good time to review this place, since it's officially closed. Hell, the other day they arrested a guy for working out at the gym in NJ. Are we not concerned about getting the house in the woods shut down permanently?
  7. J

    Review: Gabriella - Independent

    I did not opt for it but I think she provides it. From her ad: I CAN BE YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION, MASSAGE THERAPIST, DINNER DATE, MODEL, OR YOUR PERSONAL AFFAIR.
  8. J

    Review: Gabriella - Independent

    She is back on Philadelphia adultsearch with a much cheaper reasonable rate.
  9. J

    Review: Gabriella - Independent

    There's been a growing chorus of complaints from members about divulging too much information so I determined it wasn't worth getting scolded over it, even though the details are private. Having said that, nothing that I asked for was off the table and there didn't seem to be any rules, which...
  10. J

    Good short stay room?

    I use in philly area with success but not sure if they cover the A.C. area.
  11. J

    Review: Gabriella - Independent

    Yes she mentioned doubles. It looks like she just jacked up her hourly rate $100 though. She told me she was originally from ATL!
  12. J

    Review: Gabriella - Independent

    Title: Review: Gabriella - Independent Date: May 8, 2020 Phone: 267-630-4521 City: Glen Mills State: PA Location: Hotel Age Estimate: 24 Nationality: Black/Native American/Israeli /Physical Description: 5'4" 110lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes, 34A Cup. Private Details: Due to closure of most spas I...
  13. J


    In my experiences with EPM, they have multiple locations (sometimes simultaneouslt) and the locations have changed. So that's funny that you "found out where it is".
  14. J

    Review: South Philly Julie

    No way did you walk there from your Center City hotel. This review looks fake if you ask me. Furthermore, outdated reviews should be prohibited because it misleads the readers into falsely believing that the place has reopened when in fact it has not.
  15. J

    Review: cc - fawn

    I've seen Fawn a couple times at EPM and those EROS photos look nothing like what I remember. She looked like a very hot California college chick when I saw her. I freaked out when I saw those and thought that she either had plastic surgery or it's a really bad Photoshop job.
  16. J

    Viagra or cialis?

    The gas store pills will give you heart palpitations because they usually have yohimbe in them. That stuff will mess you up! I personally have dropped the Viagra and switched to Cialis, which I consider so much better since it lasts like three days for me. BlueChew and Roman have both been good...
  17. J

    Thinking of 465

    Agreed, just saw her last week, wonderful time.
  18. J

    Delilah raid?

    After googling her WeChat name, it ends up being a popular Chinese dessert, so yeah perhaps she did get nabbed. I'm not going to try reaching out in any way since lines could be monitored at the moment.
  19. J

    Delilah raid?

    Julie has a different Chinese name on WeChat (not Heng Wan), although I haven't seen an activity from her in four days. Maybe it was one of her associates. "Concerned citizen", WTF, I hate the fun police.
  20. J

    Review: EPM Sinvee

    I've switched to SA since a few weeks ago and have to say it's been much more bang for the buck. You can end up paying $200 and getting a 6-hour event out of it, with no feeling of being rushed. The AMPS might be in big trouble if sugar babies catch on too much. However, I've had a few bad...