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  1. Abeyoder

    Invitation to visit her in Flushing

    Even if it doesn’t work out with her you can still enjoy all of the offerings that Flushing provides. Besides the great restaurants and street vendors, the spa experience is definitely something that you would enjoy. Take a walk up Roosevelt ave by Macy’s and try a street girl. $60 gets you all...
  2. Abeyoder

    Review: Smile spa - Tina

    I agree! She certainly doesn’t fit my description of thin although I wouldn’t call her fat either.
  3. Abeyoder

    Review: Massage Quest-Jenny

    Title: Review: Massage Quest-Jenny Date: Oct 15, 2021 Phone: 610-937-8147 City: Collegeville State: Pa Location: Near Redners Age Estimate: 35-40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite Private Details: I was back in PA again for a couple of days and I decided to stop back and...
  4. Abeyoder


    It’s Show, the SH and ow like you hurt yourself. Rhymes with Cow or how
  5. Abeyoder

    Review: Coco near Macy's

    I believe that this Coco is the one that I visited. She very clean classy and accommodating. Definitely worth visiting. She’s just as Skyofavalon has described. You can’t miss her, she dresses very well.
  6. Abeyoder

    Review: Coco near Macy's

    I believe that you’re asking about Little Apple. She has a pink/purple plush toy on her bag and she certainly looks young.
  7. Abeyoder

    Review: UTR, Little Apple and Coco

    Title: Review: UTR, Little Apple and Coco Date: Jun 10, 2021 Phone: City: Flushing State: NY Location: Roosie Age Estimate: 28-48 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thin Private Details: I headed over to Flushing to try out the wonderful ladies that I have been reading about...
  8. Abeyoder

    Review: Yang Yang

    She kinda had the Lucy Liu look about her.
  9. Abeyoder

    Review: Yang Yang

    Anyone remember Ilee or Idee from a couple of years ago? I really enjoyed my time with her, does anyone know where she might be these days?
  10. Abeyoder

    Review: 149 Massage

    Hi, I run 83 & 15 quite a bit through Camp Hill and I’ve been looking for a good provider. Could you divulge some more info on this lady. This would be a great place to take a break from driving. Thank you
  11. Abeyoder

    Review: Smile Spa

    Title: Review: Smile Spa Date: May 2, 2021 Phone: City: Hazle Township State: Pa Location: Store Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: A little chunky for me Private Details: Cruzen down 81 and I figured that I could use some stress relief. Per some reviews I...
  12. Abeyoder

    Review: Anna Wave

    Title: Review: Anna Wave Date: Apr 22, 2021 Phone: City: FH State: NY Location: 67th rd Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim, perfect Private Details: I was in the area visiting family so I stopped in to check this place out. Jennifer greeted me and took me...
  13. Abeyoder

    Big boobs philly suburbs

    Meridian Bella was my favorite, hopefully she pops back up again in this area. Her Russian is fantastic
  14. Abeyoder

    Review: Thai Beauty Spa

    Title: Review: Thai Beauty Spa Date: Jan 20, 2021 Phone: City: Philadelphia State: Pennsylvania Location: N 11th St Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thick Private Details: I had a layover in Philly so I thought that I would try out a new ( to me) place. I...
  15. Abeyoder

    Review: Tai Chi

    Title: Review: Tai Chi Date: Dec 21, 2020 Phone: City: Phoenixville State: Pa Location: Main Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Average Private Details: Passing through the area again and decided to try this place again. Paid the entrance fee and went to the...
  16. Abeyoder

    One Liners

    It’s hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass out all day long.
  17. Abeyoder

    Review: Thai Relax Spa

    Easy Francis!!! (From the movie Stripes)
  18. Abeyoder

    Review: Thai Relax Spa

    Ok, Sarge. I have broad shoulders and I can take your remarks. Just be careful of the bridges that you’re burning, we’re a cautious tough bunch here.
  19. Abeyoder

    Review: Thai Relax Spa

    Wow!!! A member for 4 minutes and you’re already asking for the keys to the castle. SMH
  20. Abeyoder

    Review: May@Skippack

    Title: Review: May@Skippack Date: Oct 16, 2020 Phone: City: Schwenksville State: Pa Location: 73 Age Estimate: 29 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Just right Private Details: This is my other must go-to spot when I’m traveling through the area. May is a beautiful person and I...