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    Review: Beach St JC - Nikki

    Title: Review: Beach St JC - Nikki Date: Oct 17, 2019 Phone: City: Jersey city State: Nj Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: 5/10 body 5/10 face Private Details: Attitude matters here. She’s chatty which is nice when you’re used to girls with no English...
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    Review: No 1 MSG- Sara

    Title: Review: No 1 MSG- Sara Date: Sep 7, 2019 Phone: City: Jersey City State: NJ Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Thicc, body 7, face 5, enthusiasm 8 Private Details: This is where it’s at. If you know her she won’t waste time. Everything covered. Every...
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    Review: JFK Blvd -Wendy

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    Review: JFK Blvd -Wendy

    Is she gross though?
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    Review: JFK Blvd -Wendy

    I meant nicki.
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    Review: JFK Blvd -Wendy

    is she cute?
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    Review: No. 1 MSG - Fiona

    whats the damage on FS for camilla? i may have had her before but only for hands
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    Review: Apple Spa (fka Chan Spa)

    How was her nether regions? Do they do half hour?
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    Review: Apple Spa (fka Chan Spa)

    total damage? how was her face?
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    Review: Paula- BSC

    Where is this place?!
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    Review: No1 Msg grove st

    Where does Mia let you finish?
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    Review: SPA 17

    ... or literally any other details
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    Review: Bayone Spa called My Favorite Spa

    what was each experience like? Havent been here yet.
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    Latinas, North Jersey

    I’m all ears
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    Latinas, North Jersey

    Whats the best deal on Latinas in the Hudson county area. Jersey City, etc. Under 40, curvy, bbbj friendly. Enjoys the experience.
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    Review: No 1 MSG

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    Review: Body Concept - 'Happy no. 2'

    Gonna message you
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    Review: BSC

    who has bigger tits
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    Review: No 1 MSG

    basically its clit play, only seen tables.