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    Review: Coco @ Chun

    Did you read this review out loud before you hit submit?
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    Review: Grey bobbie

    No I meant I thought the review itself might be fake.
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    Review: 9VIP

    What timeout?? You mean my trip to Alaska??
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    Review: 9VIP

    Good feedback. this kind of response is appreciated by all.
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    Review: Grey bobbie

    Maybe fake?
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    Review: 9VIP

    Good job. Dont worry. Some of the old timers on here will criticize your review no matter what you write.
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    Review: Chun - Sasa

    Waterboy got kicked out of Philadelphia. Not one AMP would let him back so he is trying Allentown. Give him time. He will be kicked out of Allentown as well.
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    Review: Blue Star Spa - Hannah

    I am just curious. With your attitude have you ever gotten laid without paying?? It is hard to believe that someone would give it to you for free. Anyone. Even Rosie O' Donnell.
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    Review: Society Hill - Lisa

    He was talking about a 69
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    Beijing, Shanghai where to go

    I have been to Shanghai 5 times on business. It is not easy to find massage and fs. Hangout on Nanjing Rd where all the tourists are and you will get a hit that way. Be careful! If you get arrested and if you are also Chinese you are fucked.
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    Review: Coco grey spa

    I called ADH on Friday and wanted to make an appt with any of the girls pictured on their website. None was in.
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    Review: Love@9VIP

    Title: Review: Love@9VIP Date: May 1, 2019 Phone: Don't know City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: 9th St north of Vine Age Estimate: 26 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: nIce body. Face not so great. Looks a little beat up Private Details: she’s ugly as shit. Butter face. Nice...
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    how do i ask for it

    You are such a not nice guy. I feel bad for you. So sad.
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    how do i ask for it

    It seems like no one likes you. Hmmm....wonder why.
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    Review: so so @ ADH.

    I think Tony meant what is the difference not just the price difference.
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    Review: I Heart Massage - Carmen

    Thanks for the good review. Very helpful to the rest of us.
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    how do i ask for it

    Young man, you without question, are the biggest asshole on here. You go after every single new guy. You should let them alone and chill out.
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    how do i ask for it

    If you are a new guy to this site, dont expect to get any help. They treat new guys here like shit. Bunch of arrogant assholes on here.
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    Review: 237, she's a sweetheart

    Is this place actuall on 12th or is it on Race?
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    Review: Healing Stone Review Delightful surprise

    Hey asshole can you please be specific about what is is BS in the original post or do you just enjoy being an asshole? I think you like being an asshole and a moron.