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  1. J

    Review: Dover Acupressure - New bee Kiki

    Did Kiki replace Lulu, or does Dover have three solid providers at the moment?
  2. J

    Review: 785 - Emily

    Do any girls here DFK? Any RJ? Thanks, as I am deciding between here and Dover.
  3. J

    Review: Gold Spa - Jenny

    Does Jenny provide RIM services?
  4. J

    Review: Judy 785

    Do any girls at 785 do a RIM?
  5. J

    Review: Yumi - Dover Accupressure

    How is Yumi’s performance between the regular massage and flip over? Coco did about 7 minutes of ST and RJ that was amazing, and I want to know if I am just going to be disappointed by Yumi. I know what she does but want to know if she does it well. That was my favorite asspect of Coco’s!
  6. J

    Review: New Cindy at 785 spa

    How does Selena do the ST before she flips you over? Is it a decent amount of teasing? Please let me know.
  7. J

    Review: Spa 46 - Lucy

    How does Lucy compare to the Dover girls?
  8. J

    Review: Dover Acupressure - Angie

    Thanks for the intel. Last question: do Yumi and Angie do the same services that Sugar and Coco are known for doing? It seems like Yumi does, but I an not so sure Angie does that.
  9. J

    Review: Dover Acupressure - Angie

    How does Angie compare to Yumi? I am headed to Dover soon and want to make the right choice. Any help is appreciated.
  10. J

    Review: Dover Acupressure - Cici

    Coco was amazing, and I am glad I chose her. The guy who said Cici is on her way out the door was right because I have not seen a review about her in weeks. One question is: does Coco still work here?
  11. J

    Review: Dover Accupressure - Yumi

    Is Coco still working here?
  12. J

    Review: Dover Acupressure - Cici

    Thinking about going to Dover and wondering if I should request Cici or Coco. Who gives the better ST? I don’t get out often and want this to be worth my time. Thanks for any insights!
  13. J

    Review: Chun/ Leah

    I don’t get out to Allentown often, but I want to get the best ST possible. Does Leah still do a top notch job at that? If not, do any mongers have recommendations for a provider who does a great ST on your back, say at SASY or EG? Any help and recommendations are appreciated.
  14. J

    Review: Dover Acu - Coffee

    Do any of the girls at Accupressure do a great sensual touch when you are lying on your stomach? That is my absolute favorite when they tease you in that certain area.
  15. J

    Review: Had a special Monday at Dover Accupressure

    What was the provider’s name?
  16. J

    Review: Sara at Dover Accupressure

    Koondog, where are some of the better places to visit close to that area? I am looking for recommendations. Please and thank you.
  17. J

    Review: Chun Spa

    Title: Review: Chun Spa Date: Dec 10, 2018 Phone: City: Allentown State: Pa Location: Front entrance Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Flat ass but pretty face Private Details: Mary was not the prettiest but was passionate during the TS and gave me a deep...
  18. J

    Review: Hit or Miss at A&A in Andover

    Title: Review: Hit or Miss at A&A in Andover Date: Jun 3, 2018 Phone: 973-786-6812 City: Andover State: NJ Address: 141 Main Street, Andover, NJ Activities: TS, Massage, and ST Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Flat ass and branded on arm Summary: I went to this spa...