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    Review: Review: Patty the Latina from Finland - 10Ten

    Patty is no longer from Finland, according to the website. I guess they did a quick 23andMe check. And also, according to the website, “her pussy looks virgin. Pink color. Very cute”. They should verify that also. My favorite 10Ten descriptions are “She smells like cheese” followed by “She...
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    Review: Yuki at MissKyoto - unique donut bush

    Some of your descriptions are a riot. Great visuals.
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    Review: Foxy Bodywork - Cherry. Natural DD with big Areola

    That review estimated her age at 52-55. That’s a pretty big disparity. Can anyone shed want light?
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    Rant of the Month: Evolutionary Pseudoscience Babble

    I can’t help but be amused by the idea that this type of thread exists in the midst of ass ratings, descriptions of sucking power and tit measurement. In my mind I picture a woman stumbling across this site expecting a bunch of nerdy losers posting things like, “I jammed my enormous sausage into...
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    Rant of the Month: Evolutionary Pseudoscience Babble

    Maybe, if he had to claw his way to the top of a pile of other Catholics. I still think he was a pawn in Joe’s Game of Thrones saga. That said, I like the guy.
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    Rant of the Month: Evolutionary Pseudoscience Babble

    I’m not sure JFK was an alpha, but rather shoehorned in there by his very alpha father. That family also has a survival rate comparable to that of a Neanderthal clan.
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    Rant of the Month: Evolutionary Pseudoscience Babble

    And very eloquently stated by user “facehoser”. Love that.
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    Review: Remi at 10ten

    She told me she did porn in Japan but I forgot afterward to ask her screen name.
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    Review: Please Palace - Tori

    I don’t remember Miyoshi but Otoha is Wizard of Oz short.
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    Review: Perky & Fun Ririka @Shangrilanyc

    Yes she does and she offers standard $$ upgrade
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    Review: An angelic angel [Hermes] at The House of Debauchery [The Barbie Dolls in NYC]

    The last time I went, I thought I was texting/flirting with JoJo and when I got there it was an older woman with very puffy lips. She claimed to be JoJo. She trueness to molest me but I was still disappointed.
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    Review: Monica please take the Metro out of NY @MG

    Sorry to digress, but on the original topic: trust your instincts. I am almost always disappointed when I don’t.
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    Intel needed

    Keep at it and remember- you can live with one kidney!
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    Review: PP - Tori

    I texted them tonight and they responded like they've never heard of me after many visits. Text said “this is a private club, please provide TER id, …” I texted back and said I was a regular but no response. Has anyone been there this afternoon/evening?
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    Review: Shishi - Indy

    Is it only me, or is everyone secretly and patiently waiting/hoping for that one review of ShiShi to post, in which she lets loose and completely goes full whore mode on some unsuspecting monger who is only looking for a HJ?
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    Review: Satsuki & The Unbearable Lightness of the Rising Sun

    I’m honored, Your Honor..
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    Review: Satsuki & The Unbearable Lightness of the Rising Sun

    Sorry, I was just being a wiseass.
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    Review: Satsuki & The Unbearable Lightness of the Rising Sun

    Beautifully written, with marvelous imagery. I’m in awe. But does she RIM?
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    Review: Paola-PPC

    Their website says 5’2”.