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    So many "Legit" places that are doing HJ and FS

    Yeah, seriously. What is this all about??
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    Review: Better Healthy Massage (legit)

    Thx for the post. Sometimes a good massage for an hour under a hundo total is all one needs!
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    Blue Ocean - Jenny I have been down for the past week and have hesitated to go to Ocean even though I kept passing it after playing poker down the road every night. We'll today was my last day so I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad that I did. Amazing session with Jenny. She is a...
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    Can anyone help a brother who is in Sarasota for the week?
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    Review: Carefoot - CiCi

    Thanks for the review. Was the massage good?
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    Reflexology FFLD and WSPT

    Completely legit places. No extras to be had other than a fantastic massage and/or foot rub.
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    Review: Lotus spa - Mimi

    Title: Review: Lotus spa - Mimi Date: May 24, 2024 Phone: 2034916495 City: Newtown State: CT Location: Tiny blue house next to restaurant House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 + 20 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 37 Physical Description: She's got great Ds. Short like 5ft at best. Long...
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    Review: MB - Anna

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    Review: Vanilla Sky -Yuki

    Exactly. The extra few bucks to us means a lot more to them than it does to us. If you are in this hobby an extra 40 or 60 bucks is a pimple on your ass. Meanwhile some poor working girl has to rub those gross pimples!!! Give her a little extra. It wont kill ya! haha
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    Review: Vanilla Sky -Yuki

    You seem to be the board policeman to make sure that people pay what you pay. You chime in on every review with something or another. Who cares what someone decides to pay? Competition is what sets the market not what one or two guys decide to give a girl. Some places have "standard" fees while...
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    Review: Moon Blue- Lulu

    The amount of lazy people on this board is mind boggling. Guys, read, use Google, its not that hard. Some recent questions: Where is MB? What is STG? How do I transition into a woman? :)
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    SN Therapy Recently

    Nothing is ever safe in this godforsaken state.
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    SN Therapy Recently

    I wouldn't call their service top notch at all. More like old and stale. While they always have a nice selection of girls the service is rushed and doesn't compare to some of the amps just over the CT border. Head west young man.
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    Stamford/Norwalk latinas

    I thought the same thing. Where are all the "migrants"?
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    Review: SDS - Sasa

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    Review: Sasha @ King Spa

    150 all in. Really? Sounds low??
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    Review: Vanilla Sky - Julliana

    Nice review. I have found that the 30 to 40 something latinas are much better service than the younger ones.....
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    Review: Moon Blue - Anna

    I have yet to CIM at an amp in all these years (and it's bee decades). For years even a BBJ was super rare. Now if no BBJ at an amp I'm disappointed (why I don't go to SN anymore). I love CIM. Maybe I should switch up my standard game in the room to ask for the CIM finish.
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    New Carmel Spot

    I can tell you one place you wont find a reliable GFE bedroom!
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    Review: MB - Anna

    At first it is confusing but you can figure it out. I used the pizza place as a guide along with the big black Queens sprinter van sitting by the door! :)