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  1. Dynaguy

    Spicy Girls - Who First Up?

  2. Dynaguy

    Review: Maki at Ten Ten

    Conveyer belt sushi > grocery store sushi > gas station sushi > NJTP rest stop sushi (ymmv)
  3. Dynaguy

    Review: Mia - SL

    Love them both. You can read through my reviews of each. It’s subjective, obv, but for me: Looks (face): Mia>Fairy Body: Fairy>Mia Service: Fairy>Mia Connection: Fairy ~= Mia Overall I slightly prefer Fairy. But if you haven’t seen her, I’d recommend Mia bc of the scarcity factor.
  4. Dynaguy

    Review: Barbie House - Mia

    Thanks for toftt
  5. Dynaguy

    Acronym Faux Pas Revisited

    Totally appropriate to say. Unless recipient doesn’t have a v.
  6. Dynaguy

    Review: An angelic angel [Hermes] at The House of Debauchery [The Barbie Dolls in NYC]

    I’ve seen her at 3 of those places. I first was with her at another shop — Grace Spa. I know she also worked at HAGNJ sometime after PH/GGR, during Covid times. I think Kim was booking for them - is that possible? She might have also had short stays at Asian Lassies and NYAW, after GFEAS...
  7. Dynaguy

    Review: Arlene - New Rainbow - Dreams really do come true

    Nice! She’s def on my list.
  8. Dynaguy

    Review: Suki at Barbie Dolls (DTF!)

    Title: Review: Suki at Barbie Dolls (DTF!) Date: Jun 2, 2024 Phone: (929) 577-6600 City: New York State: NY Location: Near Bryant Park House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 300 Nationality: Vietnamese Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: 5'2"ish, 5'5" in heels...
  9. Dynaguy

    KG Duos Coming…

    On-brand! And I appreciate your integrity & consistency. (fwiw, $760 is less than the 2x$400 rack rate). Bet they sell out. Unless the booker can’t come though.
  10. Dynaguy

    Ratings calibration, 2nd in a series

    Thank you for playing! Intent was allow you to see how your ratings compare to the board’s. If you want to see the other calibration tests:
  11. Dynaguy

    Providers you would date

    Thanks for your candor. For the record, I never doubted your financial situation. Still cannot wrap my head around loving a sociopath. P.s. @이 회장님 = Class act
  12. Dynaguy

    RIP VIP Spot

    MG (recommend) KG (caveat emptor)
  13. Dynaguy

    Review: Took the new girl for a spin [Miko at Barbie Dolls] Spinner! 5 stars!

    Barbie Miko (above) comes in classic spinner dimensions. NYAF Miko is midsized.
  14. Dynaguy

    Providers you would date

    So much more to unpack here. Nice. Also nice. What does that even look like?
  15. Dynaguy

    RIP VIP Spot

    “Please show the other k-houses some love.” Okay, if you insist.
  16. Dynaguy

    Review: Hermes - The Barbie House

    It was a joke. In mythology, Hermes was the Greek version of Mercury. I don’t know who does Greek. Maybe Suki.
  17. Dynaguy

    Review: Took the new girl for a spin [Miko at Barbie Dolls] Spinner! 5 stars!

    Two different Miko’s (and smiling has a Mika). I’m told BD Miko will be back this week.
  18. Dynaguy

    Review: Hermes - The Barbie House

    Makes sense if she doesn’t do Greek
  19. Dynaguy

    What in the f*k hole is this ad

    I didn’t grow up here so I don’t always get American humor. What’s the haha part?