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    Review: BSC-Aline

    Sorry Bro! Just usually when shit like this goes down there is a much longer explanation. Hopefully Angela gives you a freebie or something. And yes that is surprising because the place has a pretty good reputation.
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    Review: BSC-Aline

    Sounds like a BS review, care to elaborate?
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    Bianca's Providers You Wished Would Return

    Just curious if anyone has seen Kristen or Nina, looks like they are available for duos's. Any intel? Haven't used her shitty service in a while, looking for a good one.
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    Review: Y&L Ana

    After thinking about it, only went there twice. After begging for 4 hand I instead asked for BBBJ, she said she doesn't do that. She then tried to compromise and broke out a role of saran wrap. I am like wtf? Anyway this place is a dump , Anna is a money crazed nut and she just tries to get as...
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    Review: Y&L Ana

    I have been there 2 or 3 times and totally agree with OP. Anna is a shady aggressive BS artist. Two times she aggressively tried to upsell 4 hand treatment. I told her point blank if your service and attitude get better maybe next time, but FIRST you need to improve. I ain't doing shit unless I...
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    Review: Bianca - April

    Sucker born every minute, paid way too much and got way too little. This is how she stays in business.
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    Review: Scintillating / Sparkle - Bella

    If you had to choose between Bella or Nana?
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    Review: Y&L Ana

    It makes perfect sense! You obviously don't know this nut. Anna is super aggressive and desperate for money. The place is disgusting and awful and I can totally picture her following you out to the car. Stand up for yourself people. If the place sucks don't dump your $$ there, find a better...
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    Review: Sparkle Spa - Leila

    Damn, she is the best one.
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    Review: Sparkle Spa - Alejandra

    Saw a girl there named Alejandra, no idea if its the same girl they are using now. The one I saw was a totally weird chick. Would never see her again. Spazzing out, spaced out, checking her phone. WTF?
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    Review: HNS-Momma

    this place sucks, can't believe they are still in business
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    Review: Sparkle Spa - Alejandra

    oh really? Can you describe her body and looks? How was her performance?
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    Review: Anna YL

    One of the funniest reviews in a while! I had a similar experience. I turned the tables on her months ago, I said no 4 hands you use your mouth! Or I walks! She then tried to blow me through saran wrap!!! I complained and said this was fucking ridiculous, she then did regular BBBJ for a few...
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    Review: Fiona - Nancy's Spa

    Cece is in her 20's for sure.
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    Review: Heaven Spa/ Spring Valley - Bibi

    BBBJ? this place never does that.
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    Review: Sparkle - Katalina

    This place has gone to shit, there are like 3 different #'s listed on this site. Made an appointment with Lily. I get there and the lady there tells me just a few minutes she is spending some time with her family? I am like WTF kind of excuse is that? She is with another customer, show me...
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    Review: HNS - Ria

    $140 for CBJ, terrible
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    Review: Sky at Nancy’s

    Cece hit it out of the park, $200 + 40 tip. Super enthusiastic with everything, including the massage
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    Review: Nancy's - Kayla

    I think you should try Cece next!
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    Review: Sky at Nancy’s

    Or just do the $200/hr then give $40 tip. You will most likely get the same or better service depending on who you see , or CeCe :-)